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Ep. #344 featuring Serenity

500x500This year the show’s including tribute’s are becoming a far too regular occurrence. We’ve lost Lemmy, Bowie, Grudzinski, Martin, and now Keith Emerson.  Keith was never a musician that had much direct impact on me, and yet few people could have possibly had a greater influence. I never took to ELP as much as I did bands like Rush, Yes, Genesis, or Kansas, but it’s impossible to deny the number of musicians I love that learned from his playing and innovation. The tragedy of his death shows how closely the art and the artist are connected, and that for great players, the expectations of the crowd are often second only to their own expectations of themselves.

This week, along with plenty of ELP, we also featured the latest album from Serenity, Codex Atlanticus, which was released back in January. The band has decided to continue forward without a full-time female vocalist, somewhat shifting the dynamics of the band, but this had little effect on the music. The bombastic and symphonic nature of the band is still very much present, and any current fans will likely make this transition rather easily. If you haven’t gotten this album yet, firstly, what’s wrong with you? Secondly, get it here!

I mentioned that I have a review of the new Haken album, Affinity, and if you haven’t read/listened to it, you should absolutely do so! It can be found here.

Finally, we’ve got a pair of nice releases coming out this Friday, March 18th. The first is Tales From Beyond from the German band Mob Rules. You can check out the first single below and buy the album here.

Next up is the new live album from Royal Hunt called Cargo. Check out a song from that below and grab the album here.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Lucky Man
Serenity – Follow Me
Royal Hunt – Half Past Loneliness~
Mob Rules – On the Edge
Redemption – The Center of the Fire
Section A – Bleeding Chains
Serenity – Iniquity
Planet P Project – Join the Parade
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Karn Evil 9
Haken – Celestial Elixir
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Trilogy
Unified Past – Smile (In the Face of Adversity)
Headspace – Borders and Days
Dream Theater – Hymn of a Thousand Voices
Serenity – Reason
Serenity – My Final Chapter
Threshold – Turn On, Tune In
Iron Maiden – To Tame a Land
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Fanfare For the Common Man
Pineapple Thief – The One You Left to Die
Fish – Sunsets on Empire
Yes – Shoot High, Aim Low
Serenity – Caught in a Myth
Rush – Bravado
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Tarkus

Ep. #343 featuring Headspace

HeadspaceDoing this show can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, there are albums like All That You Fear Are Gone from Headspace, which I was able to review several weeks before release. That’s a definite perk. There is also a lot of things I get that, well, you’re probably better off never having to hear. But, focussing on the positive aspect, when I’m able to share my thoughts and opinions in advance of an album’s release it’s always in the back of my mind that people might think I’m crazy, and that come release day they may completely disagree with any ideas I’ve put in their head. I hope that’s not the case here, and that you’ve enjoyed the new album from Headspace as much as I did, and that if you haven’t bought it yet, that tonight’s feature will give you sufficient reason to. And you can do that right here.

Other than that there wasn’t a whole lot to report this week, but I plan on catching up and having a lot more news and new dates for next week’s show. There will also be the usual mixer coming up in the next two weeks. If you have any topics or albums to be discussed please leave a comment here or on Facebook and let us know!

And I apologize for the hiccup during the Karmakanic track, the fault of a bad mouse hand!

Evergrey – The Great Deceiver
Headspace – Road to Supremacy
Redemption – Hope Dies Last
Porcupine Tree – Dark Matter
Steven Wilson – My Book of Regrets
Heliopolis – New Frontier
Marillion – Fugazi
Headspace – Kill You With Kindness
Flaming Row – Aim L45
Kamelot – Karma
Sonata Arctica – Replica
Devin Townsend Project – Grace
Beardfish – Roulette
The Flower Kings – The Resurrected Judas
Section A – How Long
Headspace – Semaphore
Arch/Matheos – Midnight Serenade
Metallica – The Thing That Should Not Be
Kingcrow – Timeshift Box
Asia – One Step Closer
Karmakanic – Two Blocks From the Edge
Headspace – Secular Souls

Ep. #342 featuring Redemption

RedemptionCertain things can be taken for granted. One thing that I certainly came to expect was a new Redemption album every other year or so. Then, after already being behind that schedule, in 2014 the unthinkable happened when guitarist Bernie Versailles suffered an aneurysm that left him in a coma. Bernie is on the road to recovery, but this of course led to Redemption taking a longer leave of the music scene. They have now returned with The Art of Loss, which features Marty Friedman, Chris Broderick, and Simone Mularoni doing guest guitar work to cover for the ailing Bernie.

With the songwriting still primarily in the hands of Nick van Dyk it should come as no surprise that the sound of the band has remained consistent, even after the five year break. The interesting arrangements are there, as is the stellar guitar work and heavy headbanging excellence. If you like what you hear in this episode, please pick up the album here.

I also mentioned that Tiles is putting together a tour of the Northeast and Midwest. Here is the info I have on that so far:

TILES Tour Dates:

5/13/2016 Reggies – Chicago, IL w/ District 97 [info]

5/14/2016 TBA

5/15/2016 Token Lounge – Detroit, MI w/ District 97 [info]

5/16/2016 Orion – Baltimore, MD w/ District 97 [info]

5/17/2015 Roxy and Duke’s – Dunellen, NJ w/ District 97 [info]

5/18/2016 The Grape Room – Philadelphia, PA w/ Stratospheerius [info]

5/19/2016 Drom – New York, NY @ NYC Prog Rock Night w/ IZZ, District 97, 3RDegree [info]

5/20/2016 Musica – Akron, OH w/ District 97 [info]

5/21/2016 TBA

You’ll of course want to buy their new album, Pretending 2 Run, prior to the tour, so grab that here.

Finally, Headspace have released a new video in support of next week’s featured album, All That You Fear is Gone. Check that out below, then buy it here.

Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
Redemption – Slouching Towards Bethlehem
Pain of Salvation – Tell Me You Don’t Know
James LaBrie – Euphoric
Tiles – Hide in My Shadow
Headspace – The Science Within Us
O.S.I. – Indian Curse
Rikard Sjoblom – Under Northern Skies (Villemo’s Song)
Steven Wilson – Year of the Plague
Vision Divine – Versions of the Same
Section A – All That Matters
Redemption – Love Reign O’er Me^
Enchant – Below Zero
Riverside – Goodbye Sweet Innocence
Coheed and Cambria – Time Consumer~
Fates Warning – Shelter Me
GPS – I Believe in Yesterday
Redemption – At Day’s End
UFO – Lights Out

Ep. #341 featuring Rikard Sjoblom

Rikard SjoblumBefore I talk about our featured album, or any of the exciting music coming out in the next few months, I must first talk about a tragic loss, and very early end to a bright light. On February 21st we lost Piotr Grudzinski of Riverside, and with him some of the most soulful and graceful guitar playing in the genre. I add this programs voice to the chorus that is shocked by his loss, and with them we send our hearts out to his friends, family, and fans around the globe. Below I will share words from Mariusz Duda, posted earlier today on his facebook page.

One of my favourite mischievous remarks I liked to tease Grudzien with was reminding him the day before his birthday that he’s half a year older than me. Just before he turned 40 I said, “Do you know how old I will be on March 15th? Still 39, and you?”

We listened to the same music. We would play Solar Fields or Hedningarna at parties and dance with our eyes closed around an invisible bonfire. In the old Progresja club we would lie on our backs on the small stage in the corner and listen to Archive from the speakers. And to the cool solutions we came up with in “In Two Minds”. We would compete with each other as to who was the more loyal Dead Can Dance fan, who loved the band more. I lost ignominiously when I realised that all of his tattoos were connected with Dead Can Dance graphic designs. And that he paid over PLN 500 at an auction for “Into The Labyrinth” vinyl.

We subscribed to the idea that three perfect sounds are more meaningful than twelve played around the guitar neck. We were excited by this emotional approach. I composed songs in such way that he could fill them with those perfect few notes. We completed each other. Right from the beginning of Riverside I knew he was a special guitarist whose playing was made for painting musical landscapes. He had his own original style, and that has always been more important for me than technical contortions and circus tricks. Most of all, he was modest, humble and he knew exactly what he was capable of. And you could hear all that in the way he played. It was incredible and fascinating.

He couldn’t disguise emotions. When he was happy, he showed that, jumped for joy, goofed around, and when he was in a bad mood, he couldn’t pretend even when he was on stage. He was peeved and everyone could see that. We would then go backstage after a gig and tell him, “f**k, Piotr, people can see that you’re pissed off, when will you finally learn to play a bit for them?” And he would shout back, “But that’s the way I am and I can’t help it!” And indeed that’s the way he was. Painfully honest. He played what he could the way he could, he never faked anything. That’s the kind of man he was. But we were growing up together. And during our last tour, we were surprised at how many positive emotions we were able to inspire in each other. Especially when we looked and smiled at each other. And that idea to lean back to back while playing “Feel Like Falling” charged our batteries for the entire gig. We were becoming as one on stage, a true band. And it was thanks to him that I wanted us to continue as a band in spite of my solo aspirations.

We learned from each other the most important things. To always remember that, first and foremost, you have to be a good person. To cherish the most valuable characteristics in us. To live a full life and never put it off for later. Whenever I was lost, he was the reason I was able to find myself again. That’s the way we influenced, inspired and helped each other. We were like brothers. Sometimes closer, sometimes further apart, but we could always count on each other. We were connected by so much more than music. We were connected by the ability to talk about what most people don’t want to talk about, emotions and how we felt, and why we reacted the way we did, and why we were the way we were.

It must be a joke, a grim twist from the damned “Game of Thrones”, which we were reading avidly at the same time, checking furtively how many pages the other one had got left to read. A terrible blow as if a baby learning to make its first steps was swept away by that big wrecking ball. And all that’s left is a huge black empty hole with remnants of dead flesh around. I feel as if half of my heart was ripped out of my chest, as if half of my soul was taken away from me. I keep crying and I can’t get a grip. I feel an immense sea of sadness and pain inside me. Yes, sometimes, to balance things out, I get a glimpse of black humour. Sometimes, I’m simply pissed off. But the truth is, I miss you, Piotr, and I don’t know how to cope with it. A lot has ended when you died, a lot has faded, vanished, fallen to pieces. I am simply devastated. I feel as if tides were crashing me against rocks and with every wave it’s getting worse. I don’t know when the pain will pass but it looks like for now it has to be a part of me. Just like you have been a part of my life.

Farewell my beloved Friend. See you somewhere on the other side.

Now let us move to some more positive news, started with our featured album this week, The Unbendable Sleep from Rikard Sjoblom. The album is immediately identifiable as coming from the same man who heads Beardfish and Gungfly, but doesn’t follow directly in either of those paths. The man continues to release music with one moniker or another year after year, and somehow continues to manage to deliver quality along with his quantity. Easily one of the top creative minds in the genre at this point, he has released this album himself, so please visit his site to support him and buy the album here.

Next up, a new special video from our friends in Jolly. I’ve been talking about this video since November, so watch and enjoy already!

Then of course there is tons of new music coming out. First off we have a new video from Redemption, who are releasing The Art of Loss on February 26th. Buy the album here.

Next up we have Tiles, who are releasing Pretending 2 Run on April 15th. Screw your taxes, just buy their new album here.

Messenger also has an April release set, dropping Threnodies on the 22nd. I’ll get everyone some order info for that in a later show.

Finally, Knifeworld has a teaser out for their new album, Bottled Out of Eden, out April 22nd, which also will get some info on a later show.

Then of course there is some other news. Edge of Reality released the artwork and track listing for their 2nd album, Vicious Circle! You can check that out in their facebook post here. And a reminder, you can get an early listen to two of those new tracks by listening to the February Music Mixer here!

Next up, the new Section A album, Wall of Silence, made its debut on the show tonight. It’s out now and you can order it here. We’ll of course be letting you hear some more over the next few weeks.

Leprous are preparing for a live album/DVD, and are asking for your help to make it happen. You can hear from the band on their plans and support them in their endeavor here.

Finally, saving some of the most exciting news for last, Neal Morse has announced that the next MorseFest will include all members of Spock’s Beard, past and present, and they will be playing  in full for the first time ever! A huge moment for fans of the band. You can get info and tickets here.

Riverside – The Same River
Rikard Sjoblum – Rhyme and Reason
Messenger – Balearic Blue
Section A – Wall of Silence
Riverside – Conceiving You
Redemption – The Art of Loss
Jolly – You Against the World
Knifeworld – Send Him Seaworthy
Spock’s Beard – Wind at My Back
Leprous – Rewind
Edge of Reality – Ilerminaty
Riverside – Rainbow Room
Tiles – Shelter in Place
Rikard Sjoblum – Anna-Lee
Pink Floyd – Bike
Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls
Time Machine – Desert of Souls
Riverside – Egoist Hedonist
Inior – Stain of Steel
Powerworld – Evil in Me
Lee Abraham – Distant Days
Riverside – Feel Like Falling
Rikard Sjoblum – Love and War Part Two: Lucky Star
Lee Abraham – Distant Days
Genesis – The Cinema Show
Riverside – Time Travellers

Ep. #340: February Music Mixer featuring Joey Frevola of Kyros & Edge of Reality

JoeyFrevolaWelcome to another installment of the Music Mixer series. As usual Nick, Mason, and Joe came together to take on some current musical topics, and this month were joined by guitarist Joey Frevola. Joey is a member of Kyros (formerly Synaesthesia), and Edge of Reality, and added his insights on all the topics, but specifically our final topic which was the ability of the internet to bring musicians together. Joey, a native Floridian, found himself in a band on the other side of the ocean through the power of modern communication.

Along with his thoughts, Joey provided some excellent new music for the program. Edge of Reality is currently working on their second album, Vicious Circle, and you’ll hear two early mixes from that album in the course of the podcast. Want to check out their first album, Elephants in My Pajamas? You can listen to the entire album FREE, right here! Of course if you enjoy it, it doesn’t hurt to throw a few bucks their way as well!

For his other band, Kyros, Joey provided an updated mix of “The Lamb, The Badger & The Bee”, which can be found on their Beta EP. You can visit their online home here, and purchase the EP and other merchandise here. Sales help fund their new album, so be generous!

The first topic of the Mixer was Dream Theater, and their new double disc rock opera, The Astonishing. Not only is this an ambitious studio project, but the band already has dates booked worldwide to play the album in its entirety, and as such this marks a big moment in the band’s career. We mentioned during the mixer that the band has set up part of their website as a reference guide for the album and its story, and you can check that out here. The band also recently released a video for “The Gift of Music” which you can check out below, and you can purchase the full album here.

From there the discussion turned to the other major rock opera released in January, Ghostlights from Avantasia. Opinions remained divided as we assessed its strengths and weaknesses in comparison to The Astonishing, paying extra attention to what multiple vocalists can do for this type of album. You can grab the Avantasia album here, and check out some music from the album below.

Then we moved to an upcoming album, All That You Fear is Gone from Headspace. I’ve already talked about this album a lot, and will continue to do so, but we had a nice range of thoughts on this from those who have heard it, to those who are still simply riding expectations from the first album. You can buy the album here, and check out the lead single below.

Ep. #339 featuring Avantasia

AvantasiaThe long march towards catching up on new music has begun, and I don’t think there will be many times in the coming months that the featured album is as current as it could be. In this case we’re only a week behind with Avantasia, and their fantastic new rock opera Ghostlights. As always, there is a wide range of guest vocalists, this time including Jorne Lande, Marco Hietala, Michael Kiske, and Dee Snider. The album has an immediate grab of styles, bordering on Meatloaf or Nightwish, depending on the song or singer. Though it’s certainly power metal throughout, it does well to incorporate those other styles as well. You can go ahead and grab yourself a copy of the album here.

I highly suspect next week will be much busier for news, but what this week lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. I will not often compliment a marketing campaign, but Haken have done a fantastic job in revealing the details for their 4th full length album, Affinity. You can check out their retro OS driven press release here to get info on the track listing and artwork for the album. You can also find European tour dates here.

Finally, we had the band Inior making their debut on the program tonight. You can listen to their entire debut album, Hypnerotomachia at their bandcamp page here.

And don’t forget about the February Music Mixer coming out on Friday!

Tad Morose – Anubis
Dream Theater – A New Beginning
Avantasia – Let the Storm Descend Upon You
Haken – Darkest Light
Kyros – Epiphany
Serenity – Spirit in the Flesh
Avantasia – The Haunting
Edge of Reality – Aggressive Tip-Toeing
Coheed and Cambria – Apollo I: The Writing Writer
Spock’s Beard – At the End of the Day
The Flower Kings – Retropolis
Pink Floyd – The Fletcher Memorial Home
Avantasia – Master of the Pendulum
Vanden Plas – Into the Sun
Nocturnal Rites – Cuts Like a Knife
Psycho Motel – World’s on Fire
Inior – The Paper Ship
Fish – A Feast of Consequences
Kansas – Questions of My Childhood
Avantasia – Isle of Evermore
Izz – Solid Ground
Beyond the Bridge – The Apparition
Flaming Row – Elinoire
Evergrey – The Shocking Truth
Dominici – Genesis
Symphony X – Smoke and Mirrors*
Avantasia – Unchain the Light

Ep. #338 featuring Dream Theater

Dream TheaterIn a shocking twist that could not have possibly been predicted by any fan of the show, this week we’ve decided to feature the new Dream Theater album, The Astonishing! Not going to waste too much virtual ink here talking about it, as we will go into our reactions in-depth about the album during our February Music Mixer. That discussion will be made available on February 12th.

We’ll also be talking about the new Avantasia album Ghostlights, and comparing it with The Astonishing as both are rock operas, and both happened to be released on January 29th. You can get a hold of that Dream Theater album here.

Speaking of the Music Mixer, our guest on February’s edition is going to be Joey Frevola. You might already know his guitar work from Kyros, but he has another band that made their debut on the program tonight, Edge of Reality! You can check them out here.

Then, as is often the case, there is a lot of new music coming out, so let’s sum that up:

The Unbendable Sleep from Rikard Sjoblom, due out February 10th. Get it here.

Havoc from Circus Maximus, due out March 18th. Get it here.

The Art of Loss from Redemption, due out February 26th. Get it here, and check out a stream of the song here.

Codex Atlanticus from Serenity, out now. Get it here.

And that’s it for this week. Talk to everyone again next week!

Thank You Scientist – Absentee
Dream Theater – A Better Life
Primal Fear – Angels of Mercy
Serenity – Sprouts of Terror
Avantasia – Draconian Love
Headspace – Your Life Will Change
Edge of Reality – Forks and Spoons Pt. 1
Steven Wilson – Happiness III
Rikard Sjoblom – Realm of You and Me
Redemption – Thirty Silver
Dream Theater – A Tempting Offer
Circus Maximus – The Weight
The Mute Gods – Swimming Horses
Geddy Lee – Grace to Grace
Lo-Fi Resistance – The Silent War
Shadow Gallery – Cliffhanger 2
Star One – Human See, Human Do
Arjen Anthony Lucassen – Dr. Slumber’s Eternity Home
Ayreon – The Two Gates
Dream Theater – The Walking Shadow
Dream Theater – My Last Farewell
Dream Theater – Losing Faythe
Myrath – Believer
IQ – The Darkest Hour
Karmakanic – Where the Earth Meets the Sky
Black Sabbath – The Wizard
Fates Warning – Kiss of Death
Dream Theater – Astonishing

Ep. #337 featuring The Mute Gods

The Mute GodsIn case it wasn’t somehow made clear in our year-end retrospective, myself and the site contributors all kinda dig the musicians who contribute to Steven Wilson‘s solo CDs. One of those musicians is bassist Nick Beggs, who has stepped out of the shadows to lead his own project called The Mute Gods. They’ve recently released an album called Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me, which features Steven Wilson bandmate Marco Minnemann on drums. You can visit the band’s online haven here, and purchase the new album here.

And, if what we played from The Mute Gods on the show wasn’t enough, I strategically left the track “Father Daughter” out of the playlist, because there is a video for that song you can check out! Hear it below.

Next up is a lesser known up-and-comer from the New York area called Dream Theater. This young band of somewhat talented individuals will be releasing The Astonishing on Friday, and you can check out the second single from the album below.

Next up, we travel across the Pacific Ocean, stopping at Hawaii for a nice vacation, perhaps with a few days then in New Zealand, and finally arrive in Australia, the home of Voyager! They’ve put out a video of new music in advance of some dates in their homeland, as well as Europe, and that info can be found in the video, so enjoy the new music!

Finally, a pair of album announcements, with Knifeworld set to release Bottled Out of Eden on April 22nd, and Long Distance Calling releasing Trips on April 29th. I’m sure we’ll have more news on those in the coming months.

It Bites – Oh My God
The Mute Gods – Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
Steven Wilson – My Book of Regrets
Dream Theater – Moment of Betrayal
Ioannis Anastassakis – Orbital Attempt*
Voyager – Misery is Only Company
Knifeworld – I Can Teach You How to Lose a Fight
The Mute Gods – Nightschool For Idiots
Eric Gillette – Above the Sky
Bruce Dickinson – Tattooed Millionaire
Might Could – Not Every Song Finds a Name
Big Big Train – Lost Rivers of London
Deep Purple – Fireball
Long Distance Calling – The Figrin D’an Boogie
The Mute Gods – Praying to a Mute God
Echoes – Rude Awakening
Steven Wilson – Don’t Hate Me^
Kansas – Bringing It Back
Marillion – Neverland*
The Mute Gods – Your Dark Ideas
Tesla – Freedom Slaves
Moon Safari – Heartland
Bad Salad – Crowded Sky
Rush – The Necromancer
The Mute Gods – Last Man on Earth

Ep. #336 featuring Queensryche

QueensrycheQueensryche are a band that were a fundamental building block to me. Operation: Mindcrime was an album that opened me up to entire new genres of music, and remains to this day one of my five desert island albums. Their run of music from The Warning (and EP) through Promised Land remains one of the best runs of five albums I’ve ever heard. So, when a combination hit, with few early January releases to talk about, and a ticket at the ready for an upcoming show, it made perfect sense to feature them tonight.

Music was played spanning their entire career, and I discussed the band’s music, impact, challenges, and of course the recent split, legal feud, and their future with Todd la Torre. You too can catch them on tour, by checking out the dates at their page, here. And hey, while you’re at it, if you’re unfamiliar, why not purchase their newest album, Condition Humanhere?

Next up, at the time of our January Music Mixer, Jeff Teets of MindMaze was telling us of the band’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Well, the time of that campaign is now upon us, so please support their efforts in making their third album here.

Tonight we debuted the amazingly talented quartet of Might Could on the program, and you can grab a digital copy of their latest album, The NESFAN trilogy, here. And why not follow them on Facebook? Their page is right here.

On the docket next, there are a plethora of upcoming releases, and with them, music videos to support them. The first comes from The Mute Gods featuring Nick Beggs. The new album, Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me releases January 22nd, and can be pre-ordered here.

Next up is the January 29th release of the new Avantasia album Ghostlights. Go ahead and check out this track featuring Michael Kiske, and then pre-order the album here.

The final video comes from Redemption, and is the first we’re hearing of the new album, The Art of Loss. This particular track features the amazing guitar work of Marty Friedman! You can pre-order this release, due out February 26th, here.

And finally, a pair of news items. One is that Borealis wants you to have some free music. Click here and simply download two free tracks, easy as that.  The next item is the news that Anderson, Wakeman, & Rabin will be working together! You can see a news item on that here.

Queensryche – Queen of the Reich
Helloween – Future World
Avantasia – Ghostlights
John West – When Worlds Collide
Might Could – Castlevania Medley
Sonus Umbra – Blood and Diamonds
Queensryche – Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)
MindMaze – Through the Open Door
Redemption – Damaged
Tiles – The Learning Curve
Squonk Opera – Whirlwinding
Supertramp – If Everyone Was Listening
Borealis – No Easy Way Out
Firewind – Brother’s Keeper
Queensryche – My Global Mind
Transatlantic – My New World
The Mute Gods – Feed the Trolls
Rainbow – Do You Close Your Eyes
Queensryche – The Great Divide
Vangough – Manikin Parade
Porcupine Tree – Radioactive Toy
Queensryche – The Chase
Magnitude 9 – Facing the Unknown
Rush – Beneath, Between & Behind
Karmakanic – When Fear Came to Town
Queensryche – Hellfire
Yes – Big Generator

Ep. #335 featuring Headspace

HeadspaceThis week I’ve decided to take a little step back into the pre-podcast era of the show to feature an album that would have been an easy choice to feature at the time. I’m talking about the first album from Headspace, I Am Anonymous. While the band boasts some prominent musicians in Adam Wakeman and Damian Wilson, which can build expectations for something good, the final impact of their debut album cannot be overstated. I am completely comfortable calling the album one of the best debut albums of this decade. There is something magical happening with the musicians that came together for this project, and the only other debut that has shown such clear potential for greatness in the past few years, in my eyes, is Haken‘s Aquarius. So do yourself a favor, if you haven’t already, and pick up the first Headspace album here.

Then of course, is the new album, due out February 26th entitled All That You Fear is Gone. You can pre-order that here, and check out the lead video from the album below.

In addition to the new Headspace album, Wilson & Wakeman have also done a bit of a stripped down album together. You can check out the trailer for Weir Keeper’s Tale below, and order the album here.

Tonight I mentioned that D.C. Cooper is giving away some songs, and that is indeed the case. You can head over to his site here and grab those tracks. I also mentioned that Odin’s Court has a new version of their Deathanity release available, and you can head here to grab that.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Mark Monforti, Big Big Train made their debut on the program this evening! You can grab their most recent EP, Wassail, here.

Eric Gillette made his debut on the show as well, and you can get a signed copy of his debut album, Afterthought, here. There is also great news regarding a new solo album, due out May 2nd. It will feature Thomas Lang, as well as Diego Tejeida and Conner Green of Haken! You can get a more complete run down of the new album here.

Next up, some more new videos. Queensryche have released a video for their fantastic song from Condition Human, “Eye9”. While that video looks back onto one of last year’s releases, Dream Theater has a video that looks ahead to the release on January 29th of The Astonishing. You can check out both videos below.

Finally, I’d like to extend my sympathies to the many fans who lost heroes over the last few weeks. At the tail end of last year we lost Lemmy (Motorhead), and earlier this week we lost David Bowie. These very different artists, who had very different music, are similar in the hole they leave behind. Thankfully, we know that their memory will forever live in their music.

Avantasia – Mystery of a Blood Red Rose
Headspace – Stalled Armageddon
MindMaze – Dark City
D.C. Cooper – First Line of Sacrifice
Odin’s Court – Oceanica Toxica
Big Big Train – Wassail
Dream Theater – Status Seeker
Eric Gillette – Afterthought
Queensryche – Eye9
Headspace – Your Life Will Change
Anathema – Lightning Song
David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
Hawkwind – The Psychedelic Warlords
Deadsoul Tribe – Coming Down
Phideaux – Party
Labyrinth – Vertigo
Amorphis – Sky is Mine
Headspace – Fall of America
Agent Frisco – Dark Water
Royal Hunt – Easy Rider
Allen/Lande – Wish For a Miracle
Neal Morse – Lost Cause
Enchant – King
Believe – Mystery is Closer
Fair to Midland – April Fools and Eggmen
Eden’s Curse – Dare to Be Different
Headspace – Soldier
Queen – She Makes Me
Dio – Evil Eyes

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