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TurbulenceBand: Turbulence
Album: Disequilibrium
Reviewer: Annie

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Turbulence’s Disequilibrium is nothing short of great. The quintet from Lebanon has a phenomenal blend of melodic prog metal with atmospheric, symphonic melodies to their songs. What strikes me most about this release are how keyboardist Mood Yassin and guitarist Alain Ibrahim are outperforming each other most of the time, but still manage to work as a team that is determined to win a listener. No less great is singer Owmar El Hage, who uses uplifting singing, whereas most modern bands with Turbulence‘s musical style decide to go the growling route. This vocal choice definitely works to Turbulence’s advantage.

Both Ibrahim’s guitars and Yasmin’s keyboards are rough and fiery, yet smooth and cool when they layer clean melodies or intense solos over their riffs. Charles Bou Samra’s bass is extremely punchy and plays well off the guitars. The previously mentioned symphonic elements provide a proficient and vibrant atmosphere throughout the album. The band balances well between the prog metal rockers and more melodic, ballad-y material, which works well.

Disequilibrium is a treat to those who enjoy progressive metal from the 90’s, and early 00’s. The next step will be a huge challenge for the band, and if they successfully pass it, they are onto something really big.

Annie’s Grade: B

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