Interview: Scott Mosher of Oceans of Night

mosher, scottBack in 2011 I had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Mosher, the composer and multi-instrumentalist for California based band Oceans of Night. Talking to a “jack of all trades” musician is always a treat, as the range of musically relevant topics is always greater the bigger hand someone has in something. While writing, recording multiple parts, producing, and promoting has to be exhausting on a single musician, I imagine the result is also all the more rewarding.

When we spoke Oceans of Night had just released their second album Domain, though Scott had put out many solo albums prior to that. Since then the band has released another studio album, Midnight Rising, in 2014. Scott has always made his music available directly available from his site and at a very reasonable price, and as such I hope you visit the page below and support this wonderful artist.

Oceans of Night Website

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