Interview: Ross Jennings of Haken

Ross JenningsIn August of 2013 I found myself able to speak to the singer of what I have long called the prog band of my generation, Haken. When I did that interview, I spoke in the notes about how far the band had come since I had spoken to guitarist/keyboardist Richard Henshall in 2011, and I’m happy to say as I release this podcast in 2015, the band’s success has only continued in a big upward trajectory.

The Mountain, released shortly after my interview with Ross, was hailed as a huge success for the band. They saw themselves playing, and often headlining more and more prestigious festivals, including Progressive Nation at Sea. They then released an EP of reworked demo material, Restoration, in 2014. The following ResTOURation saw the band continue their success in Europe, as well as a headlining slot at the 2015 RoSfest, and their first ever American tour.

The band currently finds themselves writing and recording for their fourth full length release between tour obligations, including an upcoming slot with Between the Buried and Me.

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