Interview: Mike LePond of Symphony X and Silent Assassins

LepondFor over 15 years Mike LePond has handled the bass duties in one of progressive metal’s flagship  bands, Symphony X. He first appeared on their 5th album, and has now been a part of their sound for over 15 years. His duties sandwich him between rhythm section partner Jason Rullo, and guitar shredding extraordinaire Michael Romeo.  The band recently released their 9th album, Underworld, and is gearing up for years of touring, starting with a North American jaunt with thrash legends Overkill.

Mike is also fresh off the heels of releasing Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins, which saw him return to his roots, delivering a pure metal performance that any headbanger will appreciate. He is currently working on recording a second album with the band, and hopes to get them into the live setting soon. Finally, Mike is also part of the international collaboration Affector, who released their debut album Harmageddon in 2012.

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3 thoughts on “Interview: Mike LePond of Symphony X and Silent Assassins

  1. Mike is a hardworking and a talented musician. He puts forth 100% plus.. He has a passion and love for music and when he hits the stage, he just comes alive.
    Anyone who sees him in concert knows this. Outside of performing he is a extremely nice man…….. I am proud to call hm my friend..

  2. Sir Mike LePond is not only a great musician but a great soul. His playing and live performance expresses that passion and honesty for music in recordings and concerts. Thanks for all the great music Sir. Respect.

  3. Mike and SA is a phenomenal band. They are truly inspirational and passionate about their music they they just grab the listener and take them to another world, Mike you rock and are a great friend, thank you

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