Ep. #304 featuring “The Prog of 2005”

Porcupine TreeThis week we have a very special episode for everyone. I’ve always looked back at 2005 as one of prog’s finest in the new millennium. A multitude of artists released landmark albums that year, and for years after I continued to judge a new stock of releases against that year. With that in mind this episode had two parts. The usual update of new material, and a trek 10 years back in time to revisit 2005.

Some unfortunate news came to my attention during the broadcast as well. Former ProgRock.com owner Shawn Gordon has recently suffered a heart attack, and has decided that he is going to shut down TheRecordLabel.net. When this program came to ProgRock, Shawn was still in charge and very helpful and welcoming. We wish him all the best in his recovery and future endeavors, and hope you will consider helping clear his inventory during his closing sale here.

A more upbeat bit of news involves Sonus Umbra. The Chicago based band is working on their new album and has decided to crowdfund it. You can support them here.

I hope everyone enjoys this nostalgic look back! Had so much fun with it you may very well see a 2006 centered show next year, or perhaps a 1995 centered show later this year!

Riverside – Volte-Face
Redemption – Scarred
Shadow Gallery – The Archer of Ben Salem
Forgotten Suns – In Harm’s Way*
Magic Pie – Silent Giant*
Neal Morse – In the Fire
Roine Stolt – Everyone Wants to Rule the World
Phideaux – Ruffian on the Stairs
Muse – Reapers
Parzival’s Eye – Out on the Street
Von Hertzen Brothers – Sunday Child
Porcupine Tree – Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
Pendragon – No Place For the Innocent
Dream Theater – These Walls
Coheed & Cambria – Apollo II: The Telling Truth
Rush – Between the Wheels~
Evergrey – Recreation Day~
Leprous – The Flood
Pyramaze – Back For More
Kamelot – Moonlight
Circus Maximus – Glory of the Empire
James LaBrie – Pretender
Deadsoul Tribe – A Flight on an Angels Wing
Echolyn – The End is Beautiful

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