Ep. #303 featuring Leprous

LeprousAnother week, another podcast. During the live broadcast the show had just shy of 2,500 podcast downloads, but as of this posting we’ve broken the barrier! Thank you very much to everyone downloading, listening, and hopefully continuing to support all the great prog and metal music of the world!

That said, let’s take a look at what will hopefully help push us ahead to 5,000 and beyond! This week we travel to Norway and have a look at the dark and brooding band Leprous. They have just released their 5th album, The Congregation. I think those who liked the band’s previous effort Coal will really enjoy this one. I was not personally thrilled with the previous effort, but I see The Congregation to be a refined and improved version of that general sound. You can check out the band here, and order the new album here.

I made mention of a pair of crowdfunding projects currently running. The first of those was for a symphonic tribute to Haken, and you can support that here. The second was for the next Royal Hunt album, and you can contribute to that here.

There was also some new artists being played on the show, and if you’d like to know more about them, you can check out Magic Pie and Circuline. I also mentioned that Pyramaze has a new album out, and you can grab that here.

Finally, it seems as late that no week would be complete without a new Muse video, so here are two more for you!

Angra – Newborn Me
Leprous – The Price
Gavin Harrison – The Pills I’m Taking^
Nordic Giants – Futures Dark
Parzival’s Eye – Long Distance^
Von Hertzen Brothers – The Destitute
Magic Pie – Trick of the Trade
Circuline – Return
Leprous – Third Law
Muse – The Handler
Symphonic Theater of Dreams – Premonition^
Royal Hunt – Hard Rain’s Coming
3RDegree – Memetic Pandemic
Soul Secret – On the Ledge
The Contortionist – Ebb & Flow
Leprous – Triumphant
Thrice – Promises
Pyramaze – The Battle of Paridas
Bruce Dickinson – Welcome to the Pit
Iris Divine – Prisms
Symphony X – The Eyes of Medusa
Leprous – Red
The Tangent – Codpieces and Capes
Pendragon – The Last Waltz~
Neal Morse – The Truth Will Set You Free
Geddy Lee – Working at Perfekt
Karmakanic – Two Blocks From the Edge
Steven Wilson – The Raven That Refused to Sing

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