Ep. #302 featuring Strattman and Sonus Umbra

StrattmanThis week the show was a very special one, as is featured an in studio appearance from long time contributor Mason “Dr. DTVT” Rouser. Do us a favor and forgive any volume mishaps when we were speaking, it was the result of a personal mic being used by two people, not the optimal setup! The set was (almost) completely picked by Mason, including the two featured albums this week. The first feature was The Lie of the Beholder, the debut release from Strattman. The second featured album was Winter Solstice, the newest album from Chicago band Sonus Umbra. Both albums saw heavy play at RoSfest 2015 which both of us were able to attend.

You can visit Strattman here, and grab the album here.
You can visit Sonus Umbra here, and grab the album here.

Sonus UmbraAnd thanks to Mason there were also a number of bands making their debut on the program including Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Alpha Rev, and Odd Dimension.

Anyone remember a few weeks back when we mentioned that Riverside would be touring around their ProgPower USA appearance? Well, some more dates have been posted to their site, and you can check out those live appearances here.

Finally, as always, is some new music. A series of new videos got released this week, and we played new singles from Symphony X, Kingcrow, and Muse. You can check out all those videos below.

Strattman – A Better World
Sonus Umbra – Isomniac Blue
Little Atlas – Automatic Day
41Point9 – The Bullet’s in the Barrel
Subsignal – The Size of Light on Earth
Female Front Metal Block
-Beautiful Sin – Lost
-Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful
-Triosphere – Breathless
-MindMaze – Moment in Flight
-Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Angle of Repose
The ‘A’ Block
-Alpha Rev – Wedding Day
-Abel Ganz – Thank You
-Amaran’s Plight – Turning Point
-Anubis Gate – Airways
-Arena – Time Runs Out
Sonus Umbra – Silence Kills
Strattman – Caught Inside the Rain
Sonus Umbra – Wounded
Strattman – Connection Lost
Beardfish – South of the Border
Enchant – New Moon
Star One – Master of Darkness
Symphony X – Nevermore
Odd Dimension – Another Shore
Kingcrow – The Moth
Muse – Mercy
Spock’s Beard – Waiting For Me^

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