Ep. #301 featuring Angra

AngraSome might notice that the title of this podcast is a little different from what they’re used to. I’ve gone back to count the number of shows When Prog and Power Unite has had, and found out that last week was our 300th broadcast. With that in mind we’ll be moving away from dates in the future and going with episode numbers, starting today with episode #301!

Our featured album for this week comes from South America, and more specifically from the long running Brazilian band, Angra. Their new album, Secret Garden, is the first to feature Fabio Lione on vocals, and the opening of a new chapter of the band, with their previous two vocalists marking two distinctive eras in their career already. Our selection of tracks from the album give a look into the musical direction of the new album, a cover tune that many will recognize, and an important guest appearance on the title track.

I mentioned at the top of the show that Symphony X has a new album on the way July 24th called Underworld, and more information on that, and the supporting tour can be found here. I also talked about The Theater Equation, a Netherlands based theatrical reproduction of Ayreon‘s album The Human Equation. There are indeed some tickets left for that, and they can be found here.

Finally, I mentioned that Leprous has a new album coming out. The title of that is The Congregation, and it’s due out May 25th in Europe and June 2nd in the United States. The newest video from the album can be seen below.

Symphony X – The End of Innocence
Angra – Storm of Emotions
Redemption – Man of Glass
Flaming Row – Rage of Despair
Nordic Giants – Dissolve
Hasse Froberg & Musical companions – Someone Else’s Fault
Gavin Harrison – The Start of Something Beautiful^
Abel Ganz – Evening
Angra – Synchronicity II^
O.S.I. – Better
Karmakanic – Turn it Up
Arjen Anthony Lucassen – Dr. Slumber’s Eternity Home
Iron Maiden – Out of the Shadows
Yes – Perpetual Change
Leprous – Rewind
Little Atlas – Twin of Ares
Angra – Violet Sky
Sound of Contact – Pale Blue Dot
Sonas Umbra – It’s Only Fear
Synaesthesia – Noumenon
Heliopolis – Love and Inspiration
Angra – Secret Garden
Dredg – Ode to the Sun
Von Hertzen Brothers – You Don’t Know My Name
Erik Norlander – Rome is Burning
Bigelf – The Evils of Rock & Roll
Dominici – School of Pain
D.C. Cooper – Freedom

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