Ep. #334: January Music Mixer featuring Jeff Teets of MindMaze

MindMazeOn the heels of our two-part 2015 wrap-up show, we’re happy to bring the Music Mixer series into the new year, and with it, our first guest in the series. On this episode the usual trio of Nick, Mason, and Joe were joined by the guitarist of MindMaze, Jeff Teets. Some of the topics discussed related closely to MindMaze, who have begun work on their third full length album. They will be funding this particular album with a kickstarter, which they have done successfully several times before, and which tied into our discussion of our favorite crowdfunding rewards. They are also working on a concept album, which went with our discussion on the challenges and expectations for such an endeavor.

You can visit MindMaze online here, and visit their Facebook page here. Need a good jumping off point to get a feel for the band’s music? Feel free to check out the video below!

We also talked about the new Avantasia album due out on January 29th, Ghostlights. We talked about their newest single, “Mystery of a Blood Red Rose”, which can be found below.

We also discussed the myriad of vocalists that will be appearing on the album, along with our hopes and expectations for it. You can get a good sampling of those vocalists in the trailer below.

We started off the show with some discussion of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and their effect on the musical world, especially as they relate to Savatage. We also discussed their somewhat unique place in the rock and metal communities.

Our last topic of discussion revolved around comeback albums; bands that need to come back to active duty, bands that need to rebound from a bad album, and bands who have had some pretty significant comebacks. Listen to some of our examples, and let us know in the comments if you have any of your own, or if there are any topics you’d like to see discussed on the February edition of the Music Mixer.

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