Ep. #331 featuring Royal Hunt

Royal HuntLast week during the broadcast I started to ween off of new music and 2015 material, and this week it’s been severed completely. In preparation for the 2015 wrap-up shows which will happen over the next two weeks, this week’s show featured only material from before 2000, with much of it from the 1970s or 1980s. One notable exception was the featured album, 1997’s Paradox from Royal Hunt. This particular album was performed in full when the band played ProgPower USA this past September, and will be part of a live release the band is currently crowdfunding. You can be a part of that campaign here. Oh, and a quick correction from my last bit of jibber jabber in the podcast, I meant to say “Silent Scream” was the last song we were playing for the night, and incorrectly said it was the final track on the album. Forgive me people of the internet!

And that’s it for the musical promotion this week folks! No new artists to check out, no other albums I’m asking you to buy, but just a nice look back at the older side of prog and traditional metal!

All that changes over the next few weeks however, as on Wednesday, December 30th, and January 6th the shows will be dedicated to only 2015 material. In addition, we’ve recorded a discussion podcast to go along with the year-end list of the main show contributors. Please check that out here if you haven’t already!

See you next week when we take on 2015!

Rush – Bastille Day
Royal Hunt – River of Pain
Iron Maiden – Phantom of the Opera
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Tarkus
Van Halen – Judgement Day
Ozzy Osbourne – Sin
Metallica – Harvester of Sorrow
Royal Hunt – Tearing Down the World
Kansas – What’s On My Mind
Jethro Tull – Minstrel in the Gallery
Rainbow – Run With the Wold
Black Sabbath – Sign of the Southern Cross
Dio – One Night in the City
Saga – Time’s Up
Camel – Lady Fantasy
Royal Hunt – Time Will Tell
Fates Warning – Fata Morgana
Judas Priest – Hell Patrol
Hawkwind – The Psychedelic Warlords
Shadow Gallery – Don’t Ever Cry, Just Remember
Styx – Pieces of Eight
IQ – You Never Will*
Marillion – Script From a Jester’s Tear*
Rush – Natural Science*
Royal Hunt – Silent Scream

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