Ep. #330 featuring Iris Divine

Iris DivineOnly one more normal show left this year! Yes, we’re winding down here in 2015, and of course it’s time for a bit of reflection. Over the course of the year we’ve been able to feature a lot of fantastic albums, but there are some that fell through the cracks. Karma Sown from Iris Divine is certainly one of those albums. The Virginia based band originally released the disc themselves in December of 2014, but saw it get re-released on Sensory Records at the end of March.

I must say that Sensory Records has an amazing history of finding talented bands and helping launch their careers, examples being Circus Maximus, Redemption, and Haken. Iris Divine have laid the foundation for a similar rise within the genre. You can cut in on the action and get your copy of Karma Sown right here.

Next up, the big chunk of new news for the week, is that pre-orders for The Unbendable Sleep, the new Rikard Sjoblum solo album, are up, and you can order it directly from Rikard here. As a bonus, all orders before December 24 (up to 100), that are ordered from Rikard will come with his first solo CD Cyklonmannen. In addition, there is a nice teaser video which can be viewed below!

That’s it for music news, but there was also a show announcement I’m hoping you fine folks can help with. In order to get further established on iTunes, please visit the shows page here, and leave a 5-star review for us! Your help is always appreciated! Don’t forget to stay tuned to the site/podcatcher this weekend for the Best of 2015 podcast!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Faith Noel
Trans-Siberian Orchestra – The Lost Christmas Eve
Synaesthesia – Technology Killed the Kids
Iris Divine – The Everlasting Sea
Gungfly – On and On
3rDegree – The Best & Brightest
Bad Dreams – The Hunters
Mystery – The Willow Tree
Iris Divine – Face of the Unknown
Ayreon – Age of Shadows/We Are Forever
Yes – The Remembering High the Memory
Iris Divine – In Spirals
Pendragon – Queen of Hearts
UFO – Love to Love
Erik Norlander – Into the Sunset
Marillion – White Russian
Time Machine – I Hold the Key
Thank You Scientist – A Salesman’s Guide to Nonexistence*
James LaBrie – Freaks
Iris Divine – In the Wake of Martyrs

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