Ep. #329 featuring Blind Guardian

Blind GuardianAs 2015 winds down to a close I’ve taken a look back at an album I missed earlier in the year, Blind Guardian‘s Beyond the Red Mirror. We talked a good bit about this album in our recent Music Mixer podcast, which can be found here. The exciting thing for the band and this release is that they’ve finally returned to North America to support the album, and will be making at least one appearance in 2016 thanks to a headlining gig at the ProgPower USA festival in September. You can purchase yourself a copy of the new album here.

Now, the fun news, you can win yourself a free CD! As I talked about numerous times during the show, all you have to do is leave a comment here and you will be entered for the prize, which is the new Beta EP from the band Kyros. The winner will be drawn at the start of next week’s show, and announced then. Good luck to everyone! And for those who don’t win, please consider supporting the band at their web shop here.

There was also a ton of music news this week. One bit, which was released last month, but I forgot to post was that Queensryche will be hitting the road to support Condition Human. Check out their tour page here to see if they are coming near you. Much later in the year Marillion will be hitting the road, and you can get their dates in the educational video below!

Then of course we had a few album announcements for the new year. First comes from Rikard Sjoblum of Gungfly and Beardfish, who is set to release his first proper solo album in the new year. It’s called The Unbendable Sleep, and you can read more about it here. Next, there is a vague plan for a new Bruce Dickinson solo album, and you can read more about that here. Finally, Pyramid Theorem has new stuff in the works, and you can check out their new video below.

Oh, and let us not forget Serenity, who will be releasing Codex Atlanticus on January 29th! Their new video is available as well!

Finally, the band Turbulence made their debut on the show tonight, and there is a review of their album Disequilibrium available on this very site, at this very moment! You can check that out here.

Did I just say finally? What I meant to say is we’re almost done here. In a bit of show related news, our yearly epic length year-end wrap-up show this year is being broken down into two normal length shows. These are always some of the most fun all year, so hopefully some podcasters can join us in chat as we look back on another fantastic year in music. The shows will be on December 30th and January 6th. Talk to you all again next week!

Dream Theater – The Gift of Music
Blind Guardian – Twilight of the Gods
Pyramid Theorem – Drive
Turbulence – Richardson’s Nightmare
Kyros – Technology Killed the Kids II
Trans-Siberian Orchestra – First Snow
Gungfly – White Light
Blind Guardian – Prophecies
Vanden Plas – Where Have the Children Gone
Serenity – Iniquity
Riverside – Loose Heart
Marillion – The Invisible Man
Blind Guardian – Ashes of Eternity
Queensryche – Hellfire
Tribuzy – The Nature of Evil
Kyros – The Lamb, the Badger and the Bee
Phideaux – Hive Mind
It Bites – Ghosts
Blind Guardian – Distant Memories
Bruce Dickinson – Star Children
Vox Tempus – Escape
Genesis – Firth of Fifth
King Crimson – Frame By Frame
Pink Floyd – Coming Back to Life~
Camel – Song Within a Song
Sound of Contact – Pale Blue Dot
Blind Guardian – The Holy Grail

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