Ep. #326 featuring Subsignal

SubsignalAfter a week off for vacation the show returns featuring a fantastic band from Germany, Subsignal. They’ve recently released The Beacons of Somewhere Sometime, their 4th studio effort. The band continues to distance themselves from their precursor of sorts, Sieges Even, and continues down a slightly more atmospheric sound as time moves along.

We also played the brand new Jolly song Ava, from their forthcoming album Family. The band is doing a newer form of crowdfunding called Patreon, and you can check out their campaign here. We will be discussing this new format on our forthcoming Music Mixer in December. Other definite topics will include the new Steven Wilson EP, 4 1/2, and the tough choice Transatlantic will face on future tours. Check out the video for Ava below.

Then there is the many bands that made their debut on the program tonight thanks to Cruise to the Edge. If you like what you heard tonight, please visit the online homes of Airbag, Bad Dreams, Messenger, Casey McPherson, and Lifesigns.

We also played the new track from Spock’s Beard, Falling For Forever. The song comes from the new compilation, The First Twenty Years. It’s not often I tell people not to buy something, but if you’re already a Spock’s Beard fan, go ahead and skip this one. Compilations mixed with original material are the devil, and buying them only assures that we’ll see more of it.

A small Canadian trio named Rush also had a recent live released, with R40 Live.  Still on the fence about this release, which can be found here? Well watch this video and then throw your money at the screen already.

To my American listeners, have a happy Thanksgiving, and to everyone else, a fantastic week, and thank you!

Yes – Changes
Subsignal – Tempest
Nektar – Time Machine
Jolly – Ava
Rush – Hemispheres~
Rush – Cygnus X-1~
Spock’s Beard – Falling For Forever
Subsignal – Maelstrom
Subsignal – The Path
Sonus Umbra – Channel Zero
Bad Dreams – Apocolypse of the Mercy
Messenger – The Return
Casey McPherson – Lexington^
Flying Colors – Colder Months~^
Flying Colors – Peaceful Harbor
Airbag – Redemption
Subsignal – In This Blinding Light
Subsignal – A Canopy of Stars
Moon Safari – Lover’s End, Pt. 1
Lifesigns – Lighthouse
Blackfield – Thank You~^

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