Ep. #323 featuring Teramaze

TeramazeThis week we take a long journey on an imaginary plane to the long rumored land of Australia. This far away land only seems believable, because unlike Atlantis, there is some great music attributed to Australian bands. One of the bands making this music is Teramaze, and they just released our featured album this week, Her Halo. For those who are unaware of the band and need a reference, one comparison is constantly popping back into my mind. Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie has done some guest work with Edin’s Curse and Redemption, and the music and vocals often sound very similar to those guest appearances. At other times the vocals stray far from LaBrie, but often the timbres of their voices walk very close paths. You can pick up the new album here, and watch their latest video below.

There were a duo of bands making their debut on the program tonight, and the first is a new band that includes Symphony X bassist Mike LePond and Steven Wilson drummer Marco Minnemann, and they are called Waken Eyes. There new album is Exodus and can be grabbed here. Our other new artist is Alberto Rigoni, who is working on a new album and could use your help in funding it here. Along with what we played on the show you can also check out his video below.

Finally, there are a couple of artists with new or forthcoming music to talk about. The first is Sonus Umbra, who we talked about a few months ago when they ran a kickstarter for the new album. Their new album will be Beyond the Panopticon, and you can follow the progress on that and see the cover art on their facebook page here. Finally there is some new stuff out from Consider the Source. You can listen to (and buy?!?) World War Trio (Parts II & III), here.

Teramaze – Ordinary Dream
Gazpacho – Alarm
Alberto Rigoni – Overloaded
Coheed and Cambria – The Audience
Nad Sylvan – To Turn the Other Side
Teramaze – To Love, a Tyrant
Waken Eyes – Aberration
Consider the Source – This Dubious Honor
IO Earth – Trance
Sonus Umbra – Alone Together Alone
Mechanical Butterfly – The Alchemist
Trivium – Blind Leading the Blind
Barracuda Triangle – Acid Rain
Teramaze – Out of Subconscious
The Flower Kings – Monsters & Men
Teramaze – For the Innocent

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