Ep. #321 featuring Coheed & Cambria

Coheed and CambriaPerhaps Coheed & Cambria‘s best ties to the prog world come from their thematic set up as a band. From the start, until very recently, every bit of music the band has released has fallen within the same story. That changes with the new album, The Color Before the Sun. The band has finally separated from The Amory Wars saga, whose stories and associated comic books are as much of the band as their music. The band’s previous two efforts were both prequels, and so it could easily be argued that this attempt to get away was long overdue. Musically the album is no huge departure from their core sound, but the freedom granted by this album led to an album that seemed as loose as their first effort, and if nothing else had to be quite refreshing for the band. You can pick up the album here.

In the news front, I mentioned that Ghost will be appearing on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on October 30th, and recommend you check their performance out! Vanden Plas has released a trailer for their forthcoming album, and you can view that  below.

Another video that requires your attention is Rush‘s latest offering from the upcoming R40 live set, Jacob’s Ladder.

We also had a tons of bands and new albums making their debut on the program on this episode. One was Electro Shock Therapy from Barracuda Triangle, and you can grab that album here. Next is New World, the new offering from IO Earth, found here. Gazpacho has one coming out soon called Molok, here. Next we have a new solo album from Nad Sylvan, Courting the Window, found here. On a heavier note we have To the Unknown from Sailing to Nowhere, which can be purchased here, and Trivium with Silence in the Snow here. And finally, we have new stuff from Subsignal, who are releasing The Beacons of Somewhere Sometime, which can be bought here. You can also view a new video below.

Labyrinth – Crossroads
Coheed and Cambria – Island
Ghost – If You Have Ghosts^
James LaBrie – Back on the Ground
Barracuda Triangle – Black Days
IO Earth – New World Suite
Gazpacho – The Master’s Voice
Subsignal – A Myth Written on Water
Coheed and Cambria – Ghost
Coheed and Cambria – Atlas
Sailing to Nowhere – No Dreams in My Night
Serenity – To Stone She Turned
Circle II Circle – It’s All Over
Trivium – The Ghost That’s Haunting You
Lo-Fi Resistance – Program
Spock’s Beard – The Slow Crash Landing Man
Karmakanic – There’s Nothing Wrong With the World Today
Rush – Jacob’s Ladder~
Nad Sylvan – Courting the Widow
Sylvan – Strange Emotion
Arcane – Unturning
Thrice – Promises
Coheed and Cambria – Colors
Dave Kerzner – Under Control
The Sixxis – Weeping Willow Tree
Thought Chamber – Balance of One
Rainbow – Street of Dreams
Erik Norlander – The Fire of Change
Muse – Stockholm Syndrome
Coheed and Cambria – Young Love


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