Ep. #320 featuring The Winery Dogs

The Winery DogsThis week we are taking a deep look into an album that may not be prog or power, but has members rooted in both. The Winery Dogs consist of Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan, and Richie Kotzen, and it’s the straight forward rock of that last member that shines through the most on their new album, Hot Streak. Defying all prog standards, the album is 13 tracks deep, and not a single one even hits the seven minute mark! If you’re looking to step outside the prog-rock world, or need a breather from heavy metal, this is going to be a great cure to what ails you! You can grab the album here.

There were two big opportunities opened up this week to support some fantastic artists. First is the young band based in the U.K., Kyros. They were formally known as Synaesthesia, and are selling an EP to help fund the production of their first album as Kyros. You can pick up the Beta EP here. Next we have the vocalist for Threshold and Headspace, Damian Wilson, who is crowd funding a pair of albums. The first is an album with Adam Wakeman, and the second is a star-studded solo album. They are being funded by a single kickstarter here.

I played a song during the set from the forthcoming Anathema live album, A Sort of Homecoming, and you can check out the video of that song below.

Finally, I mentioned that the family at ProgRock.com is getting a little bigger, and that starting this Monday at 7pm Central, 1am Universal, Mohsen is going to be doing a two-hour show called Music Unframed. You can follow the show by liking the recently started facebook page here.

Dream Theater – A Fortune in Lies
The Winery Dogs – Empire
The Dear Hunter – The Pimp and the Priest
Circus Maximus – Reach Within
Queensryche – Bulletproof
Iron Maiden – Shadows of the Valley
Circle II Circle – Untold Dreams
The Winery Dogs – Hot Streak
Unified Past – Today is the Day
Knifeworld – I Can Teach You How to Lose a Fight
King Crimson – Thela Hun Ginjeet
Karnataka – Road to Cairo
Kamelot – Nothing Ever Dies
Anglagard – Sorgmantel
The Winery Dogs – How Long
Kyros – Cloudburst
Xen – Red Letter Day
Jolly – Golden Divide
Vonassi – The Drudge
Von Hertzen Brothers – Trouble
Vangough – Abandon Me
Vision Divine – Versions of the Same
Anathema – Anathema~
The Gentle Storm – Comatose^
The Winery Dogs – War Machine
Headspace – Die With a Bullet
Voyager – Stare Into the Night
Moon Safari – Mega Moon
The Winery Dogs – Devil You Know

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