Ep. #319 featuring Queensryche

QueensrycheOur featured album this week comes from progressive metal forefathers Queensryche! Their new album Condition Human is their second featuring new vocalist Todd la Torre, and an exciting new chapter in the band’s career. I have a full review in the works, so I won’t say too much more about it here, but if you like what you heard on the show feel free to pick up the album here.

There was a couple of new album announcements during the show, such as Reign of Darkness from Circle II Circle, due out on October 16th and available here, and Mystery‘s Delusion Rain, out November 15th and available here. And videos from both bands are available below. Also, a few shows ago I shared the Roll the Bones audio from Rush‘s upcoming R40 live concert. They have since put out the video for that song as well, and it can also be viewed below.

I also noted the new singers being announced for the next Avantasia album, and you can continue to follow those developments at their website here. I also had some wonderful Redemption news for everyone regarding their new album The Art of Loss, due out in 2016. You can check that out and continue to receive updates at their facebook page here.

Hasse Froberg & Musical Companions – Fallen Empire
Queensryche – Eye9
Coheed and Cambria – Eraser
The Winery Dogs – Ghost Town
Avantasia – Runaway Train
Circle II Circle – Victim of the Night
Redemption – Begin Again
Mystery – Delusion Rain
Thank You Scientist – Concrete Swan Dive
Queensryche – Condition Human
Kingcrow – Timeshift Box
Voyager – Fire of the Times
Iron Maiden – The Great Unknown
Vanden Plas – New Vampyre
Shadow Gallery – Legacy
Stratovarius – Rise Above It
Scale the Summit – Soria Moria
Queensryche – Toxic Remedy
Dredg – I Don’t Know
Tiles – Landscrape
David Gilmour – Today
Dream the Electric Sleep – Canary
Queensryche – All There Was
Eumeria – Rebel Mind
Marillion – The King of Sunset Town
Blackfield – 1,000 People
IQ – Closer
Queensryche – Hourglass

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