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The Future of When Prog and Power Unite

Hello there, it’s been quite a while! As I’ve eluded to during previous shows life has changed a lot for me over the past year or so. I took a new job with a much longer commute and a heavier workload. My girlfriend and I purchased our first house and have since stocked it with two more cats bringing our total up to four. And, I’ll admit, I’ve been feeding my gaming urge substantially more as well. All this has not only taken up a significant amount of time, but has made it increasingly difficult to do a scheduled broadcast every week.

Let me just say I’ve always prided myself in the prep for my shows and the three hour window of broadcast is only part of the time dedicated to each episode. There is preparing the set, preparing detailed notes and links to go with the set, promoting the show, then doing the show, then preparing the post and podcast, and finally promoting after that is released. With work, travel, and new home issues to attend to being able to broadcast at the end of the day just didn’t happen with enough frequency.

Initially I was going to put the show on an indefinite hiatus, and I suppose we unofficially had that as our last podcast was from May, however I feel like we have a possible avenue to move forward with this show that I’ve been doing nearly 10 years at this point.

Into the foreseeable future we’re going to be focussing on podcasts and new formats for the show, to be recorded and released as time permits. We will continue to do reviews and interviews. We will continue to do music mixer discussions about current and general topics. We will continue to bring new and exciting music to your ears. The difference is now it won’t happen every Wednesday. It’ll happen when we are sparked and want to bring you something. I foresee some shorter more focussed musical podcasts hopefully getting into more depth on artists. I’m also open to new ideas and formats as we push ahead.

As for the very immediate future here is what’s on the docket. Mason has a review in the works for the upcoming Iris Divine album The Static and the Noise. I’m going to be doing a show to recap my recent trip to the Netherlands to see the historical Ayreon performances. I’ll be doing a similar show as well focused on my experiences during Haken‘s recently concluded 10th Anniversary Tour here in North America, hitting on their involvement in The Shattered Fortress as well.

Thank you as always to those that have always listened live, downloaded podcasts, and given your feedback and support to the show. I hope we can continue to connect into the future and help one another to enjoy all the beautiful music out there for us.



I’ve seen this coming on the horizon for awhile now, but a few days ago When Prog and Power Unite hit a pretty special milestone, 10,000 downloads! When the site redesign and podcasting started in March, we didn’t have any expectations of hitting this mark in the first year. In just 8 short months the various shows, reviews, and interviews have traveled through the “series of tubes” that is the internet more times than I could have imagined.

This of course means a huge thank you is in order to everyone out there that is continuing to download the programĀ (not forgetting of course all the others who listen live!), and to the others who make the show possible. The help from Mason and Joe with reviews and music is always very helpful, and of course we couldn’t do anything without Mark, Rayna, and everyone else at

So thank you again, and I hope you stay with us to 20,000!

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2015-03-06 – News

Since the new website launched a week ago, it has felt like things have gone a million miles per hour, so let me try to get everyone up to speed with some of the updates and changes.

First off, not only has the podcast subscription feed gone off without any reported problems, but far earlier than expected the kinks with iTunes have been ironed out and we are now available via that marketplace. The direct link for that can be found here.

Next, you may have noticed a review made its way out as a podcast yesterday. Going forward we will be trying to do a quick audio summary of our written reviews for those who don’t like to read the longer versions. Details will be omitted, so checking out the full review is still highly recommended!

Finally, we’re adding a new feature to the weekly broadcast especially made for those listening via podcast. Every week I’ll set a topic during the show and ask for your input. So whether you listen on Thursday, Sunday, or Tuesday, if you have a few extra minutes drop by and leave a comment with your thoughts on the topic.

Thanks for your support during these transitions and hope to hear from you soon!

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2015-02-27 – News

As you may have noticed, When Prog and Power Unite looks a little different today. When I started the website 8 years ago, I was using outdated but familiar technology for it. Eight years later it was only more outdated. Finally I’ve been able to take a proper leap forward and learn some new things to present a new look for everyone.

The biggest advancement in the new site is going to be proper podcasting. The show will now be searchable through podcasting apps and the iTunes store, allowing the show to more easily be distributed and listened to at your convenience. Of course I hope those able will still turn out to make the live broadcast more interesting, but understand it’s not practical for many. As a bonus, I’ve made podcasts available for every show we’ve done since the beginning of the year.

The one big downside of the new site is transferring the tremendous amount of data from the old site to the new site. I ask for everyone’s patience as reviews, interviews, and other information is transferred to the new site.