Interview: Jonas Reingold

Nick Jonas ReingoldWhen doing research for an interview, and especially when reading over promotional material, I can often prepare myself for what I can expect to hear from an artist. However, when I spoke to Jonas Reingold in July of 2011 I got a bit of first hand news that knocked me back a bit. Jonas sounded very hopeful that the Flower Kings hiatus would be coming to an end. That hope would turn into Banks of Eden in 2012, Desolation Rose in 2013, and accompanying tours.

The main focus of our interview was not the Flower Kings, but instead Jonas’ main creative outlet, Karmakanic. They were on the verge of releasing their fourth studio album, 1969. The band would go on to do some touring for that album, including an appearance at RoSfest 2012, where they would record Live in the US.

Along with those two primary bands, Jonas has kept busy helping on several other projects, including bass duties on the most recent release from The Tangent, A Spark in the Aether.

Jonas Reingold Website
Reingold Records
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