Ep. #299 featuring RoSfest

rosfestThis week we’re showing our rebellious side and not having a featured album. Instead we’re having a featured festival! Between this broadcast and next I’ll be heading to beautiful Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and heading to the wonderful Majestic Theater to take in the amazing times that is RoSfest. This is the 12th year of the Rites of Spring festival, and this year it includes impressive headliners Spock’s Beard, Haken, and Enchant.

Speaking of Spock’s Beard, they have a new album on the way called The Oblivion Particle, and some European tour dates to support it. You can check those out here.

We also debuted two new bands with new albums. The first is Ghost Ship Octavius, and the other is Forgotten Suns.

Not enough goodies for ya? How about the news about these two forthcoming albums?


And hey, let’s not forget that fancy new Muse video I talked about!

Frost* – No Me No You
Heliopolis – Elegy
Strattman – Detonation
Glass Hammer – Haunted
Forgotten Suns – Somewhere in the Darkness
Iris Divine – A Suicide Aware
Arena – Traveller Beware
Lo-Fi Resistance – The Age of Entitlement
Haken – Pareidolia
Ghost Ship Octavius – Silence
Soul Secret – Traces on the Seaside
IZZ – Like a Straight Line
Enchant – Prognosticator
Odin’s Court – Insomnia
Spock’s Beard – I Know Your Secret
Muse – Dead Inside
Stratovarius – Eternity
Exovox – Daylight (Silent Key)
MindMaze – Dreamwalker
Subsignal – Echoes in Eternity
Marillion – White Russian
Rush – The Anarchist
Roswell Six – The Sinking of the Luminara
Dream the Electric Sleep – Roots and Fear
Kansas – Song For America

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