Interview: Ian Jones
Ian Jones of Karnataka

Ian Jones of Karnataka

Ian Jones of Karnataka
Interview conducted: 2015-04-08
Interview posted: 2015-04-11

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Ian Jones is the driving force behind British proggers Karnataka. Earlier this year Karnataka released their 5th studio album, Secrets of Angels. If you want to test out the album, there is no better place than our last podcast here that features 3 songs from the disc, including the 20 minute epic title track. Fans in Britain still have 3 opportunities to see the band live this tour; April 12th in Swansea, April 17th in Leicester, and May 9th in London.

As noted at the start of the interview, I apologize for a technical glitch that caused the first two minutes or so of the interview to be corrupted and lost. That said, there was a lot of great topics discussed that didn’t get eaten by technology, and the interview actually “starts” with Ian answering a question about new members to the band and any potential pressures of molding them to the people and sounds that came before them. Make up for my bumble by going out and buying the album!

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