Ep. #296 featuring Karnataka
Karnataka - Secrets of Angels

Karnataka – Secrets of Angels

Last week saw the premier of a new track from English band Karnataka, and this week we’ve made Secrets of Angels our featured album, playing two shorter tracks, as well as the epic title track. This precedes an interview that will be posted later this week with bassist and songwriter Ian Jones. If you enjoy  sharp pop-edged prog you should definitely be checking this out.

In addition, new band Exovex made their debut on the show, and got a fantastic reception from those chatting live.  Steve Hackett’s new album Wolflight also got its first play. All this great stuff is already released and waiting for you. Notice anything we’ve missed during the year so far? Let us know in the comments so we can get it for the upcoming weeks.

Dream Theater – Raise the Knife~
Karnataka – Because of You
Not a Good Sign – Flying Over Cities
IZZ – The Everlasting Instant
Exovex – Stolen Wings
Steve Hackett – Wolflight
The Gentle Storm – New Horizons (Storm)
Hasse Froberg & Musical Companions – Genius
Karnataka – Poison Ivy
Not a Good Sign – Not Now
Steven Wilson – Happy Returns/Ascendant Here On
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Comfortably Numb^
Phideaux – Thank You For the Evil
Queensryche – Neue Regel
Arcane – Selfsame
Agent Fresco – Eyes of a Cloud Chaser*
Lonely Robot – A Godless Sea
Glass Hammer – Babylon
The Dear Hunter: Act I-III
-The Pimp and the Priest
-Dear Ms. Leading
-Mustard Gas
Pyramaze – The Birth
Universe Effects – Tormented
Karnataka – Secrets of Angels

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