Interview: Neal Morse

nickmorseThis week’s retrospective interview deals with the man who is arguably America’s most prolific prog songwriter. In previous weeks I’ve mentioned what the artist has been up to since we last spoke, and for Neal Morse there is a lot to talk about. Testimony 2, the album we spoke about back in 2011, was released and had a supporting tour. Since then there was another solo album and tour, an album and tour with Transatlantic, two Flying Colors albums and tours, some live reunions with Spock’s Beard, some non-prog solo albums, and of course a constant stream of “Inner Circle” releases to his biggest fans. And he even had an assist with Spock’s Beard, helping them in the songwriting department.

And I haven’t even mentioned live albums, of which there have been about a half-dozen with various projects since 2011. Looking forward, the project he is currently supporting is also his newest, The Neal Morse Band. Featuring many of the same people who have toured with him over the years, this album differs in that the other musicians also helped to write the album, titled The Grand Experiment. So it’s safe to say Neal Morse has been a busy man, and I’d like to say that in this interview we are looking back at less hectic times, but this kind of non-stop tour and release schedule has been a trademark of Neal Morse for well over two decades now.

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