Ep. #295 featuring Glass Hammer
Glass Hammer - The Breaking of the World

Glass Hammer – The Breaking of the World

This week we take a look at a bunch of new releases in the prog world. First up is the new album from Glass Hammer, The Breaking of the World. This is the Tennessee act’s 15th studio album in just over 20 years. Also making their debut on the program, as well of having new albums are IZZ, Not a Good Sign, and Karnataka.

Please excuse the technical difficulties during the audio, as I wasn’t able to record voice live during the broadcast, and often the spoken parts got cut off or strangely edited by my broadcaster. The issue has since been fixed and so all should be back to normal next week.

Glass Hammer – Mythopoeia
The Gentle Storm – Brightest Light (Storm)
Hasse Froberg & Musical Companions – Pages
Ayreon – Out of the White Hole
Squonk Opera – Head of Steam
Leap Day – Chasing Directions
Lonely Robot – Lonely Robot
Universe Effects – Equilibrium
Steven Wilson – Transience
Steven Wilson – Ancestral
Not a Good Sign – Wait For Me
Secret Sphere – Legend
Odin’s Court – Life’s Glory
Dave Kerzner – The Lie
Strattman – The Scene of the Crime
Mob Rules – All Above the Atmosphere
The Contortionist – Thrive

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