2015-03-06 – News

Since the new website launched a week ago, it has felt like things have gone a million miles per hour, so let me try to get everyone up to speed with some of the updates and changes.

First off, not only has the podcast subscription feed gone off without any reported problems, but far earlier than expected the kinks with iTunes have been ironed out and we are now available via that marketplace. The direct link for that can be found here.

Next, you may have noticed a review made its way out as a podcast yesterday. Going forward we will be trying to do a quick audio summary of our written reviews for those who don’t like to read the longer versions. Details will be omitted, so checking out the full review is still highly recommended!

Finally, we’re adding a new feature to the weekly broadcast especially made for those listening via podcast. Every week I’ll set a topic during the show and ask for your input. So whether you listen on Thursday, Sunday, or Tuesday, if you have a few extra minutes drop by and leave a comment with your thoughts on the topic.

Thanks for your support during these transitions and hope to hear from you soon!

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