Ep. #286

Anyone who has been following When Prog and Power Unite for any length of time probably knows who my favorite band is. So it’s a little bit of a big deal when Rush announced the R40 tour. My plans include Philadelphia, Newark, Las Vegas and Phoenix, and I suggest you plan a date or two as well!



Kamelot – The Haunting
Beardfish – Hold On
Kaipa – World of the Void
Rush: R40 Celebration
-R30 Overture~
-Something for Nothing~
-Mystic Rhythms~
The Flower Kings – Man of the World
Anathema – The Lost Song, Pt. 2*
UFO – Doctor Doctor
Steven Wilson – Please Come Home
Haken – Crystallised
Pain of Salvation – Holy Diver~^
Demians – The Spark Before the Sun
Nightengale – Lucifer’s Lament
Vanden Plas – Misery Affection
Touchstone – The Witness, Pt. 1*
Touchstone – The Witness, Pt. 2*
Iron Maiden – Back in the Village
Karmakanic – There’s Nothing Wrong With the World
Porcupine Tree – Dark Matter~
Redemption – Scarred
Wisdom of Crowds – Stacked Naked
Serenity – Engraved Within
Amorphis – Veil of Sin

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