Ep. #285

The first proper show of 2015, it was nice to kick things off right, featuring new music from Beardfish, Nightingale, The Neal Morse Band and Kaipa. As an added bonus (or not!) the show has more of me than usual, due to me being parting of the booing chorus heard during the Beardfish track!

Beardfish - +4626-ComfortZone

Beardfish – +4626-ComfortZone

Shadow Gallery – Society of the Mind
Spock’s Beard – The Man Behind the Curtain
Spock’s Beard – Hiding Out~
Beardfish – Ode to the Rock’n’Roller
Haken – Drowning in the Flood
Kaipa – A Map of Your Secret World
Nightingale – On Stolen Wings
Pain of Salvation – She Likes to Hide~
Pendragon – For When the Zombies Come
Neal Morse Band – The Grand Experiment
Dream Theater – The Looking Glass~
Muse – Map of the Problematique~
Enchant – Enchanted
Camel – The Snow Goose
Arjen Anthony Lucassen – Parental Procreation Permit
Devin Townsend – Triumph
MindMaze – Moment of Flight
Mystery – Wolf~
Rausch – Good Day
Phideaux – Snowtorch (Part One)

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