I’ve seen this coming on the horizon for awhile now, but a few days ago When Prog and Power Unite hit a pretty special milestone, 10,000 downloads! When the site redesign and podcasting started in March, we didn’t have any expectations of hitting this mark in the first year. In just 8 short months the various shows, reviews, and interviews have traveled through the “series of tubes” that is the internet more times than I could have imagined.

This of course means a huge thank you is in order to everyone out there that is continuing to download the program (not forgetting of course all the others who listen live!), and to the others who make the show possible. The help from Mason and Joe with reviews and music is always very helpful, and of course we couldn’t do anything without Mark, Rayna, and everyone else at ProgRock.com.

So thank you again, and I hope you stay with us to 20,000!

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