Review: Cruise to the Edge 2015

Cruise to the EdgeBand(s): Cruise to the Edge 2015
Date: 2015-11-15 to 2015-11-19
Venue: Norwegian Pearl
City, State: Miami, FL
Reviewer: Nick

This is an audio only review of Cruise to the Edge 2015, the third running of the Yes based festival on water, departing from Miami. Included in the review are songs from the bands whose performances are being discussed, which brings this review to its long running time of just over three hours. Below you will find links for the festival, as well as the individual bands I have talked about should you decide to check them out further.

Cruise to the Edge
Neal Morse Band
Martin Barre
Spock’s Beard
IO Earth
Dave Kerzner
Moon Safari
Barracuda Triangle
Thank You Scientist
Steve Rothery Band
Bad Dreams

3 thoughts on “Review: Cruise to the Edge 2015

  1. Great review! Loved hearing your perspective and your journey. We heard about the soccer game, would have loved seeing that! There was also a piano party every night that lasted until 6am and past where a lot of the artists came and played. Good time for all of us. Bravo!

    1. A very comprehensive and insightful review. Fair… and agreed… it is well worth the investment. Great to have you in AHEPJ’s world so many times, too! Next time, we’ll need to have you stay up for the AAEPJ, as JoJo pointed out! – Rob

  2. Thanks JoJo, glad you had a good time on the ship. I admit, I never made it to 6am! Though if it was similar to the jam I’m sure it was awesome!

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