Ep. #336 featuring Queensryche

QueensrycheQueensryche are a band that were a fundamental building block to me. Operation: Mindcrime was an album that opened me up to entire new genres of music, and remains to this day one of my five desert island albums. Their run of music from The Warning (and EP) through Promised Land remains one of the best runs of five albums I’ve ever heard. So, when a combination hit, with few early January releases to talk about, and a ticket at the ready for an upcoming show, it made perfect sense to feature them tonight.

Music was played spanning their entire career, and I discussed the band’s music, impact, challenges, and of course the recent split, legal feud, and their future with Todd la Torre. You too can catch them on tour, by checking out the dates at their page, here. And hey, while you’re at it, if you’re unfamiliar, why not purchase their newest album, Condition Humanhere?

Next up, at the time of our January Music Mixer, Jeff Teets of MindMaze was telling us of the band’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Well, the time of that campaign is now upon us, so please support their efforts in making their third album here.

Tonight we debuted the amazingly talented quartet of Might Could on the program, and you can grab a digital copy of their latest album, The NESFAN trilogy, here. And why not follow them on Facebook? Their page is right here.

On the docket next, there are a plethora of upcoming releases, and with them, music videos to support them. The first comes from The Mute Gods featuring Nick Beggs. The new album, Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me releases January 22nd, and can be pre-ordered here.

Next up is the January 29th release of the new Avantasia album Ghostlights. Go ahead and check out this track featuring Michael Kiske, and then pre-order the album here.

The final video comes from Redemption, and is the first we’re hearing of the new album, The Art of Loss. This particular track features the amazing guitar work of Marty Friedman! You can pre-order this release, due out February 26th, here.

And finally, a pair of news items. One is that Borealis wants you to have some free music. Click here and simply download two free tracks, easy as that.  The next item is the news that Anderson, Wakeman, & Rabin will be working together! You can see a news item on that here.

Queensryche – Queen of the Reich
Helloween – Future World
Avantasia – Ghostlights
John West – When Worlds Collide
Might Could – Castlevania Medley
Sonus Umbra – Blood and Diamonds
Queensryche – Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)
MindMaze – Through the Open Door
Redemption – Damaged
Tiles – The Learning Curve
Squonk Opera – Whirlwinding
Supertramp – If Everyone Was Listening
Borealis – No Easy Way Out
Firewind – Brother’s Keeper
Queensryche – My Global Mind
Transatlantic – My New World
The Mute Gods – Feed the Trolls
Rainbow – Do You Close Your Eyes
Queensryche – The Great Divide
Vangough – Manikin Parade
Porcupine Tree – Radioactive Toy
Queensryche – The Chase
Magnitude 9 – Facing the Unknown
Rush – Beneath, Between & Behind
Karmakanic – When Fear Came to Town
Queensryche – Hellfire
Yes – Big Generator

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