Ep. #309 featuring Beardfish
Beardfish - +4626-ComfortZone

Beardfish – +4626-ComfortZone

This week we travel back to the beginning of the year and take a look at an album that has remained a strong contender for album of the year, +4626-ComfortZone from Swedish proggers Beardfish. The band, known for a steady lineup, little downtime between releases, and an eclectic style was firing on all cylinders for this release. Although perhaps sporting a bit more prog and less heavy than it’s predecessor, The Void, this album has solid enough ties that anyone who enjoyed one is very likely to enjoy the other.

Although I’ve already covered the news of their respective forthcoming albums, it’s worth noting that Riverside, Symphony X, and Royal Hunt all have new videos out which can be viewed below.

I mentioned that Neal Morse is set to release a lot of footage from 2014’s Morsefest festival, and starting July 21st you will be able to pre-order that set here.

In the realm of further out news, I mentioned that Dream Theater will see Metropolis Pt. 1 included in the forthcoming game Rock Band 4, that David Gilmour has plans to tour America in 2016, and that Avantasia is going to return with a new album titled Ghostlights in 2016. The band also plans to tour in support of the album. You can get the available news so far on the album and tour here.

Next up is a trio of new bands for the show. First up is Passes By, from a new Finnish project Grus Paridae, who you can check out here. Next up is the new project from Patrick Moraz (Yes, The Moody Blues) and Greg Alban. The album is entitled MAP, and you can get some more info about that here. Finally, there is American band Kinetic Element, who have just released their second album, Travelog. you can get info on that album and band here.

Finally, a reminder that there will be no show or (music) podcast the next two weeks. I have interviews with Ross Jennings (Haken) and Ted Leonard (Spock’s Beard, Enchant) set to go out in their place. See everyone on August 5th!

Beardfish – Hold On
Riverside – Discard Your Fear
Moraz Alban Project – Jungle Aliens
Steven Wilson – Index
Grus Paridae – Passes By
Royal Hunt – So Right So Wrong
Symphony X – Without You
MindMaze – Mask of Lies*
Beardfish – Comfort Zone
The Dear Hunter – Waves
Kinetic Element – Travelog
Pink Floyd – Fearless
Xen – Find a Way
District 97 – Takeover
Neal Morse – The Creation
Beardfish – Daughter
Guilt Machine – Over
Awaken – As the Dark So the Light
Dream Theater – These Walls
Next to None – Blood on My Hands
Avantasia – The Wicked Symphony
Beardfish – If We Must Be Apart (A Love Story Continued)

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