Ep. #307 featuring Kingcrow

KingcrowThis week we take a look across the pond at some action from last week and talk about Italian prog band Kingcrow. They have a new album out called Eidos, which is a clean and clear representation of the band. Whether you are already a fan of the band, or are new to the bunch, the new album certainly offers up a blend of sounds worth checking out.

The big news of the past week has been the unfortunate passing of Yes cornerstone and legendary bassist Chris Squire. Chris was the only Yes member to appear on every Yes album, and was considered the anchor in a storm of member changes throughout the year. Through this turbulence many had some negative experiences with Chris, but nearly everyone agreed that he was a great musical source, and a man that absolutely forwarded how the bass guitar is played. He will be missed, but his influence will easily live on.

In more upbeat news, Lo-Fi Resistance has a new digital only live album out entitled L’Olympia, and you can order it here.

The Dear Hunter is gearing up to release the 4th album in the Act series entitled Rebirth in Reprise, and you can hear the first single and pre-order the album here. You can also watch the video for the single below.

Another band with a new single out is Spock’s Beard. You can hear the opening track from the forthcoming album The Oblivion Particle, Tides of Time, here.

Finally, I mentioned near the end of the show that there will be some quite weeks at the end of July. Due to vacation there will be no live broadcasts or podcasts for July 22nd or 29th.

Yes – Close to the Edge
Kingcrow – Adrift
Rush – How It Is
Lo-Fi Resistance – Fly
Dream Theater – Machine Messiah~^
The Dear Hunter – A Night on the Town
Kingcrow – Slow Down
Symphony X – The Accolade
Rush – Xanadu
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
Transatlantic – And You and I~^
Kingcrow – Open Sky
Headspace – Daddy Fucking Loves You
UFO – Rock Bottom
Kingcrow – Fading Out, Pt. 4
Rush – Losing It
Magic Pie – Introversion
Proto-Kaw – Relics of the Tempest
Thought Chamber – A Legend’s Avalon
Kingcrow – The Deeper Divide
Iron Maiden – Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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