Ep. #305 featuring Pyramaze

PyramazeBefore getting to our regularly scheduled discussion, first, an announcement! There will be no live broadcast on Wednesday, June 24th. That broadcast will instead take place on Monday, June 22nd. The podcast will be unaffected, and posted Wednesday evening as usual.

With that out of the way, this week we took a look at the new album from Pyramaze, Disciples of the Sun. This is the bands fourth album, and the first since 2008. After having a string of high profile vocalists, the band has now chosen to bring a lesser known name into the fold, Terje Haroy. It will be interesting to see if the new album can re-ignite the band, which in addition to the long hiatus and new vocalist, are also fighting the departure of two of their original members. I’d say this album certainly puts them back on the right track.

There was also a few worthwhile announcements to share, including the release of a new Kaddisfly album on June 21st, and a new Spock’s Beard album on August 21st.


Spock's Beard

Spock’s Beard – Day For Night
Pyramaze – Disciples of the Sun
Nocturnal Rites – New World Messiah
Labyrinth – Thunder
Transatlantic – Suite Charlotte Pike
Edguy – The Piper Never Dies
Pyramaze – Genetic Process
Magic Pie – King For a Day
Leprous – Moon
Pyramaze – Fearless
Fates Warning – Shelter Me
Kaddisfly – Empire
Von Hertzen Brothers – Black Rain
Gavin Harrison – Cheating the Polygraph^
Camel – Lady Fantasy
Ayreon – Ride the Comet
Circuline – Stereotype
3RDegree – Apophenia
Winery Dogs – You Saved Me
Jolly – Ends Where it Starts
Pyramaze – Perfectly Imperfect
Rush – Hemispheres

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