Ep. #343 featuring Headspace

HeadspaceDoing this show can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, there are albums like All That You Fear Are Gone from Headspace, which I was able to review several weeks before release. That’s a definite perk. There is also a lot of things I get that, well, you’re probably better off never having to hear. But, focussing on the positive aspect, when I’m able to share my thoughts and opinions in advance of an album’s release it’s always in the back of my mind that people might think I’m crazy, and that come release day they may completely disagree with any ideas I’ve put in their head. I hope that’s not the case here, and that you’ve enjoyed the new album from Headspace as much as I did, and that if you haven’t bought it yet, that tonight’s feature will give you sufficient reason to. And you can do that right here.

Other than that there wasn’t a whole lot to report this week, but I plan on catching up and having a lot more news and new dates for next week’s show. There will also be the usual mixer coming up in the next two weeks. If you have any topics or albums to be discussed please leave a comment here or on Facebook and let us know!

And I apologize for the hiccup during the Karmakanic track, the fault of a bad mouse hand!

Evergrey – The Great Deceiver
Headspace – Road to Supremacy
Redemption – Hope Dies Last
Porcupine Tree – Dark Matter
Steven Wilson – My Book of Regrets
Heliopolis – New Frontier
Marillion – Fugazi
Headspace – Kill You With Kindness
Flaming Row – Aim L45
Kamelot – Karma
Sonata Arctica – Replica
Devin Townsend Project – Grace
Beardfish – Roulette
The Flower Kings – The Resurrected Judas
Section A – How Long
Headspace – Semaphore
Arch/Matheos – Midnight Serenade
Metallica – The Thing That Should Not Be
Kingcrow – Timeshift Box
Asia – One Step Closer
Karmakanic – Two Blocks From the Edge
Headspace – Secular Souls

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