Ep. #340: February Music Mixer featuring Joey Frevola of Kyros & Edge of Reality

JoeyFrevolaWelcome to another installment of the Music Mixer series. As usual Nick, Mason, and Joe came together to take on some current musical topics, and this month were joined by guitarist Joey Frevola. Joey is a member of Kyros (formerly Synaesthesia), and Edge of Reality, and added his insights on all the topics, but specifically our final topic which was the ability of the internet to bring musicians together. Joey, a native Floridian, found himself in a band on the other side of the ocean through the power of modern communication.

Along with his thoughts, Joey provided some excellent new music for the program. Edge of Reality is currently working on their second album, Vicious Circle, and you’ll hear two early mixes from that album in the course of the podcast. Want to check out their first album, Elephants in My Pajamas? You can listen to the entire album FREE, right here! Of course if you enjoy it, it doesn’t hurt to throw a few bucks their way as well!

For his other band, Kyros, Joey provided an updated mix of “The Lamb, The Badger & The Bee”, which can be found on their Beta EP. You can visit their online home here, and purchase the EP and other merchandise here. Sales help fund their new album, so be generous!

The first topic of the Mixer was Dream Theater, and their new double disc rock opera, The Astonishing. Not only is this an ambitious studio project, but the band already has dates booked worldwide to play the album in its entirety, and as such this marks a big moment in the band’s career. We mentioned during the mixer that the band has set up part of their website as a reference guide for the album and its story, and you can check that out here. The band also recently released a video for “The Gift of Music” which you can check out below, and you can purchase the full album here.

From there the discussion turned to the other major rock opera released in January, Ghostlights from Avantasia. Opinions remained divided as we assessed its strengths and weaknesses in comparison to The Astonishing, paying extra attention to what multiple vocalists can do for this type of album. You can grab the Avantasia album here, and check out some music from the album below.

Then we moved to an upcoming album, All That You Fear is Gone from Headspace. I’ve already talked about this album a lot, and will continue to do so, but we had a nice range of thoughts on this from those who have heard it, to those who are still simply riding expectations from the first album. You can buy the album here, and check out the lead single below.

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