Ep. #339 featuring Avantasia

AvantasiaThe long march towards catching up on new music has begun, and I don’t think there will be many times in the coming months that the featured album is as current as it could be. In this case we’re only a week behind with Avantasia, and their fantastic new rock opera Ghostlights. As always, there is a wide range of guest vocalists, this time including Jorne Lande, Marco Hietala, Michael Kiske, and Dee Snider. The album has an immediate grab of styles, bordering on Meatloaf or Nightwish, depending on the song or singer. Though it’s certainly power metal throughout, it does well to incorporate those other styles as well. You can go ahead and grab yourself a copy of the album here.

I highly suspect next week will be much busier for news, but what this week lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. I will not often compliment a marketing campaign, but Haken have done a fantastic job in revealing the details for their 4th full length album, Affinity. You can check out their retro OS driven press release here to get info on the track listing and artwork for the album. You can also find European tour dates here.

Finally, we had the band Inior making their debut on the program tonight. You can listen to their entire debut album, Hypnerotomachia at their bandcamp page here.

And don’t forget about the February Music Mixer coming out on Friday!

Tad Morose – Anubis
Dream Theater – A New Beginning
Avantasia – Let the Storm Descend Upon You
Haken – Darkest Light
Kyros – Epiphany
Serenity – Spirit in the Flesh
Avantasia – The Haunting
Edge of Reality – Aggressive Tip-Toeing
Coheed and Cambria – Apollo I: The Writing Writer
Spock’s Beard – At the End of the Day
The Flower Kings – Retropolis
Pink Floyd – The Fletcher Memorial Home
Avantasia – Master of the Pendulum
Vanden Plas – Into the Sun
Nocturnal Rites – Cuts Like a Knife
Psycho Motel – World’s on Fire
Inior – The Paper Ship
Fish – A Feast of Consequences
Kansas – Questions of My Childhood
Avantasia – Isle of Evermore
Izz – Solid Ground
Beyond the Bridge – The Apparition
Flaming Row – Elinoire
Evergrey – The Shocking Truth
Dominici – Genesis
Symphony X – Smoke and Mirrors*
Avantasia – Unchain the Light

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