Ep. #338 featuring Dream Theater

Dream TheaterIn a shocking twist that could not have possibly been predicted by any fan of the show, this week we’ve decided to feature the new Dream Theater album, The Astonishing! Not going to waste too much virtual ink here talking about it, as we will go into our reactions in-depth about the album during our February Music Mixer. That discussion will be made available on February 12th.

We’ll also be talking about the new Avantasia album Ghostlights, and comparing it with The Astonishing as both are rock operas, and both happened to be released on January 29th. You can get a hold of that Dream Theater album here.

Speaking of the Music Mixer, our guest on February’s edition is going to be Joey Frevola. You might already know his guitar work from Kyros, but he has another band that made their debut on the program tonight, Edge of Reality! You can check them out here.

Then, as is often the case, there is a lot of new music coming out, so let’s sum that up:

The Unbendable Sleep from Rikard Sjoblom, due out February 10th. Get it here.

Havoc from Circus Maximus, due out March 18th. Get it here.

The Art of Loss from Redemption, due out February 26th. Get it here, and check out a stream of the song here.

Codex Atlanticus from Serenity, out now. Get it here.

And that’s it for this week. Talk to everyone again next week!

Thank You Scientist – Absentee
Dream Theater – A Better Life
Primal Fear – Angels of Mercy
Serenity – Sprouts of Terror
Avantasia – Draconian Love
Headspace – Your Life Will Change
Edge of Reality – Forks and Spoons Pt. 1
Steven Wilson – Happiness III
Rikard Sjoblom – Realm of You and Me
Redemption – Thirty Silver
Dream Theater – A Tempting Offer
Circus Maximus – The Weight
The Mute Gods – Swimming Horses
Geddy Lee – Grace to Grace
Lo-Fi Resistance – The Silent War
Shadow Gallery – Cliffhanger 2
Star One – Human See, Human Do
Arjen Anthony Lucassen – Dr. Slumber’s Eternity Home
Ayreon – The Two Gates
Dream Theater – The Walking Shadow
Dream Theater – My Last Farewell
Dream Theater – Losing Faythe
Myrath – Believer
IQ – The Darkest Hour
Karmakanic – Where the Earth Meets the Sky
Black Sabbath – The Wizard
Fates Warning – Kiss of Death
Dream Theater – Astonishing

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