Ep. #335 featuring Headspace

HeadspaceThis week I’ve decided to take a little step back into the pre-podcast era of the show to feature an album that would have been an easy choice to feature at the time. I’m talking about the first album from Headspace, I Am Anonymous. While the band boasts some prominent musicians in Adam Wakeman and Damian Wilson, which can build expectations for something good, the final impact of their debut album cannot be overstated. I am completely comfortable calling the album one of the best debut albums of this decade. There is something magical happening with the musicians that came together for this project, and the only other debut that has shown such clear potential for greatness in the past few years, in my eyes, is Haken‘s Aquarius. So do yourself a favor, if you haven’t already, and pick up the first Headspace album here.

Then of course, is the new album, due out February 26th entitled All That You Fear is Gone. You can pre-order that here, and check out the lead video from the album below.

In addition to the new Headspace album, Wilson & Wakeman have also done a bit of a stripped down album together. You can check out the trailer for Weir Keeper’s Tale below, and order the album here.

Tonight I mentioned that D.C. Cooper is giving away some songs, and that is indeed the case. You can head over to his site here and grab those tracks. I also mentioned that Odin’s Court has a new version of their Deathanity release available, and you can head here to grab that.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Mark Monforti, Big Big Train made their debut on the program this evening! You can grab their most recent EP, Wassail, here.

Eric Gillette made his debut on the show as well, and you can get a signed copy of his debut album, Afterthought, here. There is also great news regarding a new solo album, due out May 2nd. It will feature Thomas Lang, as well as Diego Tejeida and Conner Green of Haken! You can get a more complete run down of the new album here.

Next up, some more new videos. Queensryche have released a video for their fantastic song from Condition Human, “Eye9”. While that video looks back onto one of last year’s releases, Dream Theater has a video that looks ahead to the release on January 29th of The Astonishing. You can check out both videos below.

Finally, I’d like to extend my sympathies to the many fans who lost heroes over the last few weeks. At the tail end of last year we lost Lemmy (Motorhead), and earlier this week we lost David Bowie. These very different artists, who had very different music, are similar in the hole they leave behind. Thankfully, we know that their memory will forever live in their music.

Avantasia – Mystery of a Blood Red Rose
Headspace – Stalled Armageddon
MindMaze – Dark City
D.C. Cooper – First Line of Sacrifice
Odin’s Court – Oceanica Toxica
Big Big Train – Wassail
Dream Theater – Status Seeker
Eric Gillette – Afterthought
Queensryche – Eye9
Headspace – Your Life Will Change
Anathema – Lightning Song
David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
Hawkwind – The Psychedelic Warlords
Deadsoul Tribe – Coming Down
Phideaux – Party
Labyrinth – Vertigo
Amorphis – Sky is Mine
Headspace – Fall of America
Agent Frisco – Dark Water
Royal Hunt – Easy Rider
Allen/Lande – Wish For a Miracle
Neal Morse – Lost Cause
Enchant – King
Believe – Mystery is Closer
Fair to Midland – April Fools and Eggmen
Eden’s Curse – Dare to Be Different
Headspace – Soldier
Queen – She Makes Me
Dio – Evil Eyes

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