Ep. #300 featuring Synaesthesia

SynaesthesiaAfter a few months of new or nearly new featured albums, this week we hop in the time machine to travel to a time from eons ago. We reach back into the depths of our past, and into the unsightly and uncivilized year of 2014. It was in this time long ago that a British act, Synaesthesia, put out their debut self-titled album. The band recently had a fantastic reception at  RoSfest 2015, and is currently working on their second album. You can check out the band here, and order their debut album from amazon.

Of course, being our first broadcast since RoSfest, there were quite a few bands making their debut on the program. We spun a solo track from Ted Leonard, known best for his work in Spock’s Beard and Enchant, a track from Little Atlas, a band discovered via RoSfest performers Strattman, a track from Sonus Umbra, and finally, from a sampler I picked up at the festival we played some 3RDegree. Want a full recap of the festival and the bands that played? Well, you’re in luck person I’ve made up to satisfy my need for this sentence, because we’ve got that right here!

There were several non-RoSfest related artists making their debut on the program as well, including the Von Hertzen Brothers, who have a new album out called New Day Rising. Next up is Nordic Giants, who have recently released A Seance of Dark Delusions. You can look for a review of that from Joe in the next few days. Speaking of Joe, he recently reviewed the new Gavin Harrison album, Cheating the Polygraph here!

I also mentioned that program favorites Haken had a big tour in Europe coming up later this year supporting Between the Buried and Me. You can see those dates below!

Between the Buried and Me Haken
Lo-Fi Resistance – Isolation Tank
Synaesthesia – Good Riddance
Abel Ganz – Close Your Eyes
Haken – Shapeshifter
Von Hertzen Brothers – New Day Rising
The Tangent – Clearing the Attic
Ted Leonard – Submerged
Odin’s Court (A Song For) Dragons
MindMaze – Consequences of Choice
Xen – She Plays
Synaesthesia – Time, Tension & Intervention
Nordic Giants – Rapture
Arena – No Chance Encounter
Iris Divine – Mother’s Prayer
Gavin Harrison – What Happens Now?
Little Atlas – Apathy
Enchant: Live Again
-At Death’s Door
-What to Say
-Deserve to Feel
Synaesthesia – Technology Killed the Kids
3RDegree – What it Means to be Human
Sonus Umbra – Let it Rain
Styx – Queen of Spades
RPWL – Hide and Seek
Pain of Salvation – Rope Ends
Rush – Ghost Rider (Remixed)

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