2015-05-07 – Review: RoSfest 2015

Band(s): Rites of Spring Festival
Date: 2015-05-01 to 2015-05-03
Venue: The Majestic Theater
City, State: Gettysburg, PA
Reviewer: Nick

This review is quite a bit different than the norm. Instead of trying to write about over 15+ hours of music that was the RoSfest weekend, as well as the interactions between sets and at the after parties, I’ve decided to go ahead with an audio only review. You will hear a few thoughts on each set, and then for most bands a live song from their performance at RoSfest. Several acts will possibly be releasing their sets officially, and so studio tracks have been used in those instances. Below you can find links to the festival as well as all the bands. Sit back and re-live the weekend with me!

RoSfest Website
Heliopolis Website
Spock’s Beard Website
Strattman Website
Sonus Umbra Website
Abel Ganz Website
Haken Website
Lo-Fi Resistance Website
Synaesthesia Website
Glass Hammer Website
Enchant Website

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