Interview: Peter Wildoer

Wildoer-3When I spoke with Peter in 2011 he was in the midst of a rather large bump in his worldwide exposure. Working with James LaBrie on his 2010 solo album had certainly helped introduce him to a new audience, but it was auditioning for Dream Theater and the accompanying documentary about the process that immediately gave him a high standing amongst a new group of fans. Since we spoke to him Peter has kept busy with his main band Darkane, and has been touring with them as well as releasing a new album in 2013 called The Sinister Supremacy. He also worked with James LaBrie again in 2013 on Impermanent Resonance, and in 2014 on the digital only EP I Will Not Break. So, in our next installment of retrospective interviews,  let’s look back on the man who only narrowly missed being in Dream Theater today.

Official Peter Wildoer Page
Official Darkane Page
Official James LaBrie Page

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