Ep. #294 featuring Lonely Robot
Lonely Robot - Please Come Home

Lonely Robot – Please Come Home

This week we take a look at the latest offering from John Mitchell (It Bites, Frost*). The band is Lonely Robot, and their debut album Please Come Home was released earlier in March. Those familiar with his work likely won’t be shocked by anything they hear in with Lonely Robot. Other bands making their When Prog and Power Unite debut include Art of Illusion, Leap Day, Squonk Opera, Dave Kerzner, Universe Effects, and the Contortionist.

Rush – Distant Early Warning
Arcane – Unturning
Art of Illusion – Distance
Lonely Robot – Airlock
Lonely Robot – God vs. Man
Leap Day – Signs on the 13th
Hasse Froberg & Musical Companions – Everything Can Change
Steven Wilson – Home Invasion/Regret #9
Strattman – A Candle in the Sun
Squonk Opera – Inhale
The Gentle Storm – Eyes of Michiel (Gentle)
Dave Kerzner – Into the Sun
Flicker – Everywhere Face
UFO – Sugar Cane
Muse – Liquid State
Universe Effects – Against the Influent
The Contortionist – Langauge, Pt. 1: Intuition
Star One – Human See, Human Do
Fates Warning – And Yet it Moves

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