Interview: Arjen Anthony Lucassen

arjenI wish I could say I planned it this way, but that’s not the case. Here we are in the fourth week of looking back at past interviews, and up next is Arjen Lucassen, who has a release coming around the corner on March 23rd (Europe) and 24th (US). The new album is a collaboration with fellow Dutch musician Anneke van Giersbergen under the moniker The Gentle Storm, and a review of that album can be found right here!

That isn’t the only news for Arjen since we spoke to him in October of 2010. The album he was promoting at the time, Star One’s Victims of the Modern Age went on to win my album of the year nod, as well as Arjen himself as songwriter of the year, and it featured my vocalist of the year, Russell Allen. He then went on to two other big projects. First, he released his first true solo album in 2012, Lost in the New Real. Then in 2013 he returned to his mainstay, and Ayreon released The Theory of Everything in 2013. It’s worth mentioning that those albums landed at #4 and #3 on their years respectively. And yes, I’m aware I may have an affinity for tall Dutch progressive composers. I’ve made peace with that!

Official Arjen Anthony Lucassen Page

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