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SGShadow Gallery are a band that have been near and dear to my heart for many years for a variety of reasons. I became a fan shortly after the release of Room V, and very quickly became a very big fan from there. It wasn’t till after I became a big fan I realized how much of a “local” band they were, recording most of their albums to that point within a mile or two of my home. What really hit home, in the most somber way possible, is when I saw the obituary for original vocalist Mike Baker in my local paper.

After some time the band decided to carry on, and I had the absolute privileged of going to the release party for Digital Ghosts, becoming friends with the band along the way. When I talked to the band for this interview they were getting ready for an important milestone, their first live show. The band debuted their self titled album in 1992, and the interview occurred in August of 2010. The band went on to play their first show in their home state of Pennsylvania, and would then hop the pond to headline ProgPower Europe, as well as the rest of a full European tour. Since then the band has gone out one more time, headlining RoSfest and again playing through Europe, both in celebration of the album Tyranny.

I hope you enjoy this look back at a band of veterans opening a new chapter in their career, an admittedly awestruck and long winded interviewer. Gary has said that it’s the longest interview he’s ever done, and I’ve learned to keep it a bit more compact since!

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2 thoughts on “Interview: Shadow Gallery

  1. hello I am your fan forever.
    I wonder if you can,
    given that no one has heard of you since 2009 since the release of digital ghost,
    if it comes out a new album,
    I want to know if you’re back in Italy for a concert.
    thanks bye
    sorry for my English

    1. Hi Donatello, I can tell you what I know. The band has been working on a new album, but logistical issues are making this one a bit tougher than previous releases, hence the longer than usual delay. Last year there was a benefit concert for Gary after his house burned down and they had a silent auction where you could win an early demo of a song they are making. Brendt also posts stuff he’s working on to facebook from time to time. My hope would be a 2017 release, but to be cautious I’d say it’ll hopefully be 2018 at the latest.

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