Ep. #292 featuring Hasse Froberg and Musical Companions

Hasse Froberg & Musical Companions – HFMC

This week saw us play the lead track from the new Hasse Froberg & Musical Companions album, HFMC. Now typically one track, four minutes and change wouldn’t make a feature, but here’s the scoop. Hasse is an incredible friendly and approachable musician, and so here I am paying it forward!

This week’s topic of discussion was an easy one. What’s your favorite sub-genre or era of prog? Let us know in the comments!

Spock’s Beard – Surfing Down the Avalanche
Steven Wilson – Hand Cannot Erase
Odin’s Court – The Depths of Reason
The Gentle Storm – Cape of Storms (Storm)
The Gentle Storm – The Storm (Gentle)*
Hasse Froberg &¬†Musical Companions – Can’t Stop the Clock
Vision Divine – The Secret of Life
Secret Sphere – Wish and Steadiness
UFO – The Ballad of the Left Hand Gun
Royal Hunt – Autograph
Styx – Queen of Spades
Beardfish – Into the Night
Nightwish – 7 Days to the Wolves
Vanden Plas – Cold Wind
Chain – Before There Was
Evergrey – Misled
Pink Floyd – Learning to Fly~
It Bites – Playground
Tiles – Sacred & Mundane
Asia – Only Time Will Tell
The Flower Kings – For the Love of Gold
Strattman – A Better World
Flicker – My Empty Head
Heliopolis – New Frontier
41Point9 – The Bullet’s in the Barrel
Sylvan – Shine
Marillion – Grendel

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