Interview: Richard Henshall

HenshallIn our second installment of our interview retrospective series we take a look at Richard Henshall, the lead songwriter, guitarist, and sometimes keyboardist for the British outfit Haken. In the summer of 2010 Haken were still high on the success of their debut album, Aquarius. This particular host had named Aquarius the “Newcomer of the Year”, and I’m happy to report the band has certainly shown since that they deserved the title.

Since I spoke with Hen, Haken have released two more full length albums, and most recently an EP of tracks that are re-writes of early years material. Seeing and talking to the band on Progressive Nation at Sea was one of the highlights of that trip, and watching their rise through the prog ranks has been an absolute pleasure. So, let us go back to a time when they were simply impressive upstarts out of Britain!

Official Haken Page

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