2015-02-27 – News

As you may have noticed, When Prog and Power Unite looks a little different today. When I started the wpapu.com website 8 years ago, I was using outdated but familiar technology for it. Eight years later it was only more outdated. Finally I’ve been able to take a proper leap forward and learn some new things to present a new look for everyone.

The biggest advancement in the new site is going to be proper podcasting. The show will now be searchable through podcasting apps and the iTunes store, allowing the show to more easily be distributed and listened to at your convenience. Of course I hope those able will still turn out to make the live broadcast more interesting, but understand it’s not practical for many. As a bonus, I’ve made podcasts available for every show we’ve done since the beginning of the year.

The one big downside of the new site is transferring the tremendous amount of data from the old site to the new site. I ask for everyone’s patience as reviews, interviews, and other information is transferred to the new site.

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