Interview: Nicolas Chapel

nicolaschapelTo go along with the revamped website, we’re going to take a look back at some of the artists that have been kind enough to speak with us in the past, send out the interview as a podcast, and give an update an where they are at now. As our very first interview was text only, we’re going to jump ahead now to the second interview, conducted with a fresh face out of France, Nicolas Chapel.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nicolas when he visited North America prior to the first Demians album being released, and was happy to follow the band once they released their debut, Building an Empire, in 2008. Our interview was conducted on the eve of his second album Mute being released. Since that time it’s no surprise that Nicolas has decided to go to the personal distribution route. Already being the sole performer on his albums, he self released Mercury in December of 2014.

I hope everyone enjoys this look back at the mind behind Demians!

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