Ep. #338 featuring Dream Theater

Dream TheaterIn a shocking twist that could not have possibly been predicted by any fan of the show, this week we’ve decided to feature the new Dream Theater album, The Astonishing! Not going to waste too much virtual ink here talking about it, as we will go into our reactions in-depth about the album during our February Music Mixer. That discussion will be made available on February 12th.

We’ll also be talking about the new Avantasia album Ghostlights, and comparing it with The Astonishing as both are rock operas, and both happened to be released on January 29th. You can get a hold of that Dream Theater album here.

Speaking of the Music Mixer, our guest on February’s edition is going to be Joey Frevola. You might already know his guitar work from Kyros, but he has another band that made their debut on the program tonight, Edge of Reality! You can check them out here.

Then, as is often the case, there is a lot of new music coming out, so let’s sum that up:

The Unbendable Sleep from Rikard Sjoblom, due out February 10th. Get it here.

Havoc from Circus Maximus, due out March 18th. Get it here.

The Art of Loss from Redemption, due out February 26th. Get it here, and check out a stream of the song here.

Codex Atlanticus from Serenity, out now. Get it here.

And that’s it for this week. Talk to everyone again next week!

Thank You Scientist – Absentee
Dream Theater – A Better Life
Primal Fear – Angels of Mercy
Serenity – Sprouts of Terror
Avantasia – Draconian Love
Headspace – Your Life Will Change
Edge of Reality – Forks and Spoons Pt. 1
Steven Wilson – Happiness III
Rikard Sjoblom – Realm of You and Me
Redemption – Thirty Silver
Dream Theater – A Tempting Offer
Circus Maximus – The Weight
The Mute Gods – Swimming Horses
Geddy Lee – Grace to Grace
Lo-Fi Resistance – The Silent War
Shadow Gallery – Cliffhanger 2
Star One – Human See, Human Do
Arjen Anthony Lucassen – Dr. Slumber’s Eternity Home
Ayreon – The Two Gates
Dream Theater – The Walking Shadow
Dream Theater – My Last Farewell
Dream Theater – Losing Faythe
Myrath – Believer
IQ – The Darkest Hour
Karmakanic – Where the Earth Meets the Sky
Black Sabbath – The Wizard
Fates Warning – Kiss of Death
Dream Theater – Astonishing

Review: Headspace – All That You Fear is Gone

HeadspaceBand: Headspace
Album: All That You Fear is Gone
Available: February 26th via InsideOut Music
Reviewer: Nick/Mason

Headspace Website
Buy on Amazon

Although we don’t always agree on the how or why, there is no doubt that progress is being made over the years. In the music industry one of the major steps forward I’ve noticed is the ability of bands to put out stellar debut albums. I’m not talking about in the songwriting department, as there are stellar first works from all decades of recorded music. What I’m referencing is the growing ability for anyone, or any band to produce sonically wonderful works thanks to advancements in technology. Because of that, when Headspace released I Am Anonymous in 2012, it was not only beautifully constructed, but sonically amazing. Gone are the days of needing to rent out studios full of equipment for weeks, with a large financial investment needed for a top quality product. Now, bands like Headspace can record piecemeal, in different locations, at different times, and make fantastic sounding albums without a monocle wearing executive backing them.

That brings us to the new release, All That You Fear is Gone, which shares in the debut’s excellent production values. This is likely in no small part due to the return of Jens Bogren for the mixing of the album. All that said, a clean recording does not make an album a masterpiece, and there are of course many other factors at play. The songwriting is very similar to the debut, yet still manages to find some new musical ground to explore, rather than staying within the confines of their debut album. Adam Wakeman’s amazing piano and keyboard work follows a similar pattern, as does Pete Rinaldi’s excellent guitar work and Damian Wilson’s highly emotive vocals, and yet they come together in a new fashion. The one change in the band is the drumming of Adam Falkner, replacing Richard Brook, but one might not even notice. The drumming, while not in any way poor, remains the least impactful on the music as a whole.  Lee Pomeroy, on bass, continues to use any downtime the other players give him to insert a great bass melody, while providing a strong backbone the rest of the time.

Headspace continue to explore a special ground, throwing in elements of progressive metal of course, but focusing on open and imaginative arrangements and instrumentation. Wakeman continues to excel in using a plethora of well-planned sounds within each song. Within the heavier section of the opening track, “Road to Supremacy” you can hear nearly half a dozen shifts in the keyboards, as the music around them remains more relatively constant. Rinaldi’s electric guitar only occasionally sees anything that approaches a traditional riff, most often staying as loose and moving as the rest of the music. Even a song like “Semaphore”, which tricks you into thinking it’s going to be a straight ahead rocker from start to finish, takes a sharp left turn back into traditional Headspace territory half way through.

All in all I can’t find many bad things to say about All That You Fear is Gone, other than it’s not I Am Anonymous. The band came out of the gates with such a strong punch that it would be hard to follow up, and indeed there is a certain “it” factor that seems to be missing this time around. “Your Life Will Change”, the lead single from the album, does a fantastic job at bridging the gap between the last album and what to expect on the new one. “Polluted Alcohol” and the title track continue to show what the band can do when stripped back. “The Science Within Us” shows the band can still do a fantastic 10+ minute piece. And yet, across the board, everything seems dialed one small step back.

I don’t think anyone who is just getting into Headspace will be disappointed with All That You Fear is Gone. Quite the opposite, in fact, as they still have such a unique identity and special delivery that any new fan should immediately take note. Returning fans will likely experience a slight disappointment, but only because they are coming off the heels of one of the truly special debut albums of this decade. It’s hard to describe what the debut had, that this album lacked, but it lies somewhere in the realm of the merging heavier elements with the unique aspects of the band. And while All That You Fear is Gone manages to have both those elements, they don’t meet and kick into that extra gear quite as often, or as well. It should come as no surprise what a man named Wakeman can do with a keyboard, but you can’t teach imagination and creativity as easily, and Adam brings both in spades. Add to that the fact that for his myriad of projects over the years, this is the one that best utilizes Damian Wilson’s voice, and you have a one-two punch that should make Headspace a band to watch for years to come.

Nick’s Grade: A-

Mason’s Addendum:

Nick took care of the music by in large, but I would like to comment that Damien and Adam have a real mojo together musically, as this is the second album released in 2016 that features them working together – and I believe Adam is also on Damien’s forthcoming solo album as well.  One of the great things about both Headspace albums is that both have overarching themes.  I loved the stories of personal strife that made up I Am Anonymous, and I like that the band decided to do another album with one overall theme.  I think part of the reason I am finding All That You Fear Is Gone just a slight step down is that its theme of trying to control an individual is less relatable in some ways.  I can put myself in the shoes of the characters from the debut and experience their reality, whereas it is not possible to do that when songs deal with more abstract ideas.

The other reason I find myself being less wowed by the new album is strictly a matter of my personal taste. All You Fear Is Gone has several softer ballads, varied in structure and sound, so it is not a matter of repetition; I just personally gravitate to heavier elements.  Because the sound on this album is more varied, I think it will be a grower for some people.  My opinion of it after 10 spins is certainly higher than it was after my first and second one, and even in listening it to it now to write this I am still finding new bits that catch my ear right.  My standout tracks are “Kill You With Kindness”, “The Science Within Us”, “The Day You Return”, the second half of “All You Fear Is Gone”, and “Secular Souls”.

Mason’s Grade: A-

Review: Steven Wilson – 4 1/2

Steven WilsonBand: Steven Wilson
Album: 4 ½
Reviewer: Joe

Steven Wilson Website
Buy on Amazon

Over the last several years, the world of progressive rock has been dominated by the sound and vision of Steven Wilson. Not only has he created some of the most compelling progressive music over the last decade, but he has also been one of the genre’s most prolific artists, churning out four studio albums, two live albums, and three EPs over the last seven years – and that’s not counting all the material Wilson has mixed, produced, or worked with outside the confines of his solo band. 4 1/2, the latest Steven Wilson release, is an album-length EP that is meant to be a bridge between the project’s fourth and fifth albums, while reaching for material from his third and fourth albums.

Unlike prior Steven Wilson EP’s, 4 1/2 is mostly comprised of music that has not been heard before. This is in contrast to the last EP, Drive Home, which felt more like a single enriched by a b-side and a generous supply of live recordings. 4 1/2 also features music recorded both before and after the Hand. Cannot. Erase. session, with one song being a “The Raven That Refused to Sing” leftover, and others being newer compositions that feature members of Wilson’s current touring band on record for the first time.

The EP will certainly be enjoyable for Wilson’s most ardent fans, as the majority of these compositions would have been nice contributions to their corresponding albums. The EP’s first song, “My Book of Regrets” is a poppy-yet-proggy near-epic detailing the lonely observations of someone living in the city, and harkens back to the thematic subject matter of Hand. Cannot. Erase. in more ways than one. The third song, “Happiness III”, is another song recorded during the Hand. Cannot. Erase. sessions, though it denied my early expectations that it would be a work similar to that album’s “Happy Returns”. Instead, “Happiness III” almost sounds like Porcupine Tree – it’s the type of simple and catchy alt-rock flavored short song that wouldn’t be out of place on Lightbulb Sun.

If there’s a shortcoming, it’s that this EP is really more of a collection of leftovers than a cohesive work in its own right, and being such, some of the instrumental tracks lack the sort of context that may have made them more enjoyable. For example, “Year of the Plague” is a gorgeous throwback to the haunting, jazz-inspired themes of Raven, but standing on its own, between lighter H.C.E. tracks, I can’t help but feeling like it loses some impact. The same is true for the other instrumentals which, while nice, still feel like out-of-place atmosphere-setters that didn’t make the cut on their home albums.

That leaves us with “Don’t Hate Me”, a rerecording of a Porcupine Tree song based on a live version recently played by Wilson’s solo band. It’s a nice… interpretive cover… but again, the type of thing that is nice to have for documentation’s sake, while remaining somewhat inessential, since I do not think many listeners will prefer this new version of the song to the original.

After several EPs and iterative releases over the years, we’ve rarely seen Wilson make a focused effort at creating a cohesive and enjoyable short work, rather than just a collection of leftover songs and oddities. It’s a good release that many fans will be thrilled to hear, but a little bit more glue might have turned this EP of unrelated works into cohesive whole.

Joe’s grade: B+

Ep. #337 featuring The Mute Gods

The Mute GodsIn case it wasn’t somehow made clear in our year-end retrospective, myself and the site contributors all kinda dig the musicians who contribute to Steven Wilson‘s solo CDs. One of those musicians is bassist Nick Beggs, who has stepped out of the shadows to lead his own project called The Mute Gods. They’ve recently released an album called Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me, which features Steven Wilson bandmate Marco Minnemann on drums. You can visit the band’s online haven here, and purchase the new album here.

And, if what we played from The Mute Gods on the show wasn’t enough, I strategically left the track “Father Daughter” out of the playlist, because there is a video for that song you can check out! Hear it below.

Next up is a lesser known up-and-comer from the New York area called Dream Theater. This young band of somewhat talented individuals will be releasing The Astonishing on Friday, and you can check out the second single from the album below.

Next up, we travel across the Pacific Ocean, stopping at Hawaii for a nice vacation, perhaps with a few days then in New Zealand, and finally arrive in Australia, the home of Voyager! They’ve put out a video of new music in advance of some dates in their homeland, as well as Europe, and that info can be found in the video, so enjoy the new music!

Finally, a pair of album announcements, with Knifeworld set to release Bottled Out of Eden on April 22nd, and Long Distance Calling releasing Trips on April 29th. I’m sure we’ll have more news on those in the coming months.

It Bites – Oh My God
The Mute Gods – Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
Steven Wilson – My Book of Regrets
Dream Theater – Moment of Betrayal
Ioannis Anastassakis – Orbital Attempt*
Voyager – Misery is Only Company
Knifeworld – I Can Teach You How to Lose a Fight
The Mute Gods – Nightschool For Idiots
Eric Gillette – Above the Sky
Bruce Dickinson – Tattooed Millionaire
Might Could – Not Every Song Finds a Name
Big Big Train – Lost Rivers of London
Deep Purple – Fireball
Long Distance Calling – The Figrin D’an Boogie
The Mute Gods – Praying to a Mute God
Echoes – Rude Awakening
Steven Wilson – Don’t Hate Me^
Kansas – Bringing It Back
Marillion – Neverland*
The Mute Gods – Your Dark Ideas
Tesla – Freedom Slaves
Moon Safari – Heartland
Bad Salad – Crowded Sky
Rush – The Necromancer
The Mute Gods – Last Man on Earth

Episode #336 featuring Queensryche

QueensrycheQueensryche are a band that were a fundamental building block to me. Operation: Mindcrime was an album that opened me up to entire new genres of music, and remains to this day one of my five desert island albums. Their run of music from The Warning (and EP) through Promised Land remains one of the best runs of five albums I’ve ever heard. So, when a combination hit, with few early January releases to talk about, and a ticket at the ready for an upcoming show, it made perfect sense to feature them tonight.

Music was played spanning their entire career, and I discussed the band’s music, impact, challenges, and of course the recent split, legal feud, and their future with Todd la Torre. You too can catch them on tour, by checking out the dates at their page, here. And hey, while you’re at it, if you’re unfamiliar, why not purchase their newest album, Condition Humanhere?

Next up, at the time of our January Music Mixer, Jeff Teets of MindMaze was telling us of the band’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Well, the time of that campaign is now upon us, so please support their efforts in making their third album here.

Tonight we debuted the amazingly talented quartet of Might Could on the program, and you can grab a digital copy of their latest album, The NESFAN trilogy, here. And why not follow them on Facebook? Their page is right here.

On the docket next, there are a plethora of upcoming releases, and with them, music videos to support them. The first comes from The Mute Gods featuring Nick Beggs. The new album, Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me releases January 22nd, and can be pre-ordered here.

Next up is the January 29th release of the new Avantasia album Ghostlights. Go ahead and check out this track featuring Michael Kiske, and then pre-order the album here.

The final video comes from Redemption, and is the first we’re hearing of the new album, The Art of Loss. This particular track features the amazing guitar work of Marty Friedman! You can pre-order this release, due out February 26th, here.

And finally, a pair of news items. One is that Borealis wants you to have some free music. Click here and simply download two free tracks, easy as that.  The next item is the news that Anderson, Wakeman, & Rabin will be working together! You can see a news item on that here.

Queensryche – Queen of the Reich
Helloween – Future World
Avantasia – Ghostlights
John West – When Worlds Collide
Might Could – Castlevania Medley
Sonus Umbra – Blood and Diamonds
Queensryche – Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)
MindMaze – Through the Open Door
Redemption – Damaged
Tiles – The Learning Curve
Squonk Opera – Whirlwinding
Supertramp – If Everyone Was Listening
Borealis – No Easy Way Out
Firewind – Brother’s Keeper
Queensryche – My Global Mind
Transatlantic – My New World
The Mute Gods – Feed the Trolls
Rainbow – Do You Close Your Eyes
Queensryche – The Great Divide
Vangough – Manikin Parade
Porcupine Tree – Radioactive Toy
Queensryche – The Chase
Magnitude 9 – Facing the Unknown
Rush – Beneath, Between & Behind
Karmakanic – When Fear Came to Town
Queensryche – Hellfire
Yes – Big Generator

Ep. #335 featuring Headspace

HeadspaceThis week I’ve decided to take a little step back into the pre-podcast era of the show to feature an album that would have been an easy choice to feature at the time. I’m talking about the first album from Headspace, I Am Anonymous. While the band boasts some prominent musicians in Adam Wakeman and Damian Wilson, which can build expectations for something good, the final impact of their debut album cannot be overstated. I am completely comfortable calling the album one of the best debut albums of this decade. There is something magical happening with the musicians that came together for this project, and the only other debut that has shown such clear potential for greatness in the past few years, in my eyes, is Haken‘s Aquarius. So do yourself a favor, if you haven’t already, and pick up the first Headspace album here.

Then of course, is the new album, due out February 26th entitled All That You Fear is Gone. You can pre-order that here, and check out the lead video from the album below.

In addition to the new Headspace album, Wilson & Wakeman have also done a bit of a stripped down album together. You can check out the trailer for Weir Keeper’s Tale below, and order the album here.

Tonight I mentioned that D.C. Cooper is giving away some songs, and that is indeed the case. You can head over to his site here and grab those tracks. I also mentioned that Odin’s Court has a new version of their Deathanity release available, and you can head here to grab that.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Mark Monforti, Big Big Train made their debut on the program this evening! You can grab their most recent EP, Wassail, here.

Eric Gillette made his debut on the show as well, and you can get a signed copy of his debut album, Afterthought, here. There is also great news regarding a new solo album, due out May 2nd. It will feature Thomas Lang, as well as Diego Tejeida and Conner Green of Haken! You can get a more complete run down of the new album here.

Next up, some more new videos. Queensryche have released a video for their fantastic song from Condition Human, “Eye9”. While that video looks back onto one of last year’s releases, Dream Theater has a video that looks ahead to the release on January 29th of The Astonishing. You can check out both videos below.

Finally, I’d like to extend my sympathies to the many fans who lost heroes over the last few weeks. At the tail end of last year we lost Lemmy (Motorhead), and earlier this week we lost David Bowie. These very different artists, who had very different music, are similar in the hole they leave behind. Thankfully, we know that their memory will forever live in their music.

Avantasia – Mystery of a Blood Red Rose
Headspace – Stalled Armageddon
MindMaze – Dark City
D.C. Cooper – First Line of Sacrifice
Odin’s Court – Oceanica Toxica
Big Big Train – Wassail
Dream Theater – Status Seeker
Eric Gillette – Afterthought
Queensryche – Eye9
Headspace – Your Life Will Change
Anathema – Lightning Song
David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
Hawkwind – The Psychedelic Warlords
Deadsoul Tribe – Coming Down
Phideaux – Party
Labyrinth – Vertigo
Amorphis – Sky is Mine
Headspace – Fall of America
Agent Frisco – Dark Water
Royal Hunt – Easy Rider
Allen/Lande – Wish For a Miracle
Neal Morse – Lost Cause
Enchant – King
Believe – Mystery is Closer
Fair to Midland – April Fools and Eggmen
Eden’s Curse – Dare to Be Different
Headspace – Soldier
Queen – She Makes Me
Dio – Evil Eyes

Ep. #334: January Music Mixer featuring Jeff Teets of MindMaze

MindMazeOn the heels of our two-part 2015 wrap-up show, we’re happy to bring the Music Mixer series into the new year, and with it, our first guest in the series. On this episode the usual trio of Nick, Mason, and Joe were joined by the guitarist of MindMaze, Jeff Teets. Some of the topics discussed related closely to MindMaze, who have begun work on their third full length album. They will be funding this particular album with a kickstarter, which they have done successfully several times before, and which tied into our discussion of our favorite crowdfunding rewards. They are also working on a concept album, which went with our discussion on the challenges and expectations for such an endeavor.

You can visit MindMaze online here, and visit their Facebook page here. Need a good jumping off point to get a feel for the band’s music? Feel free to check out the video below!

We also talked about the new Avantasia album due out on January 29th, Ghostlights. We talked about their newest single, “Mystery of a Blood Red Rose”, which can be found below.

We also discussed the myriad of vocalists that will be appearing on the album, along with our hopes and expectations for it. You can get a good sampling of those vocalists in the trailer below.

We started off the show with some discussion of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and their effect on the musical world, especially as they relate to Savatage. We also discussed their somewhat unique place in the rock and metal communities.

Our last topic of discussion revolved around comeback albums; bands that need to come back to active duty, bands that need to rebound from a bad album, and bands who have had some pretty significant comebacks. Listen to some of our examples, and let us know in the comments if you have any of your own, or if there are any topics you’d like to see discussed on the February edition of the Music Mixer.

Ep. #333: 2015 Wrap-Up (Part Two)

The Dear HunterHere is the second part of our 2015 coverage, which brings a nice close to another fantastic year in music! I would argue that 2015 was a strong year for the genre’s that this show follows, however it lacked a true masterpiece at the top. I would argue my favorite albums of 2015 did not equal the best albums of several previous years. However, once you moved out of that very high bracket, the amount of high quality albums just came through in droves. Picking a top 10 this year, and choosing what bands would not be included was tougher than ever. It’s in that spirit, with help from contributors and listeners, that the year end wrap-up shows were split between two weeks, extended, and both ran over their original run time. Thanks to Mason, Joe, Chad, and Ruslan, we’ve presented a more complete overview of the past year. So hopefully you heard some tunes you already loved, and a few more you will come to love.

Early in the next year, there will be a chance to win another CD, something we tried late this past year. I’m also very excited to continue the Music Mixer series, and start bringing in guests to help out with them. The first of those guests will be Jeff Teets of MindMaze, and that should be available on Saturday, January 9th. Do you have anything you like about the show? Anything you don’t like? Any ideas for the new year? Feel free to let us know in the comments here, or on Facebook. Thanks, and talk to everyone throughout 2016!

MindMaze – Slave to the Cycle
The Tangent – A Spark in the Aether
Dave Kerzner – Under Control
IO Earth – Journey to Discovery
Stratovarius – My Eternal Dream
Pyramaze – The Battle of Paridas
Symphony X – Charon
Mystery – The Last Glass of Wine
Foxing – Glass Coughs
Rush – Losing It~
Spock’s Beard – Get Out While You Can
Muse – Defector
Queensryche – Condition Human
Jingle.Block: Part One
-Level 10 – Blasphemy
-Phantasma – Enter Dreamscape
-Serious Black – Ahkenaton
Steven Wilson – Hand Cannot Erase
Subsignal – A Time Out of Joint
Royal Hunt – A Tear in the Rain
Sailing to Nowhere – Big Fire
Telergy – Teacher
Puscifer – The Remedy
Circle II Circle – Victim of the Night
Blind Guardian – The Throne
Nightwish – Weak Fantasy
The Dear Hunter – King of Swords (Reversed)
Scale the Summit – The Golden Bird
The Gentle Storm – Heart of Amsterdam (Gentle)
Jingle.Block: Part Two
-Damnation Angels – The Passing
-The Chronicles Project – Forever
-The Poodles – Creator and Breaker
Arcane – Instinct
Soul Secret – K
Teramaze – Her Halo
Flying Colors – The Fury of My Love~
Odin’s Court – And the Answer Is…
Exovex – Dead Reckoning
Winery Dogs – Devil You Know
Glass Hammer – Bandwagon
Sylvan – Shaped Out of Clouds
Next to None – A Lonely Walk
Caspian – Echo and Abyss
Neal Morse – The Grand Experiment

Ep. #322: 2015 Wrap-Up (Part One)
Beardfish - +4626-ComfortZone

Beardfish – +4626-ComfortZone

Here it is, the big one! Or at least the first part of it. A nice long look back at the amazing year in music that was 2015. The original plan called for a 4 or 5 hour extended show. Then I decided to do a full 6 hours over two weeks. Finally, in order to truly include everything I had wanted, and that others had submitted, I decided to extend both year-end shows to four hours. This episode runs over by about 5 minutes, and I feel next week could certainly go longer! So much amazing music to review.

A huge thank you to everyone who made the show possible over the year. From the bands making the beautiful music, to the promoters who help get it to my ears, to the station and everyone involved there that give me a platform to further promote the music. Then of course is all the wonderful people listening live, chatting, and podcasting to give me the drive and the market for the show. And of course a special thank you to all those who came out tonight to chat to put the special into this extra special show.

Next week (Jan. 6) we’ll continue the 2015 wrap-up fun, and then be back to the usual grind, but not before our January Music Mixer goes live on Saturday, January 9th. Jeff Teets from MindMaze will be our first guest in the Music Mixer series, and we’ll be covering topics including Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Avantasia, crowdfunding rewards, concept albums, and comeback albums.

Iron Maiden – If Eternity Should Fail
Kingcrow – The Moth
Bad Dreams – Closer
Coheed and Cambria – Peace to the Mountain
Sonus Umbra – Grotesquerie
Parzival’s Eye – Liar
David Gilmour – Rattle That Lock
Vanden Plas – Godmaker’s Temptation
Waken Eyes – Back to Life
Ghost – Cirice
Hasse Froberg – Everything Can Change
Riverside – Time Travellers
Magic Pie – Trick of the Trade
3rDegree – We Regret to Inform You
Leprous – The Price
Steven Wilson – Happy Returns
Kyros – Cloudburst
Vennart – Infatuate
Vennart – Amends
Beardfish – If We Must Be Apart
District 97 – Death By a Thousand Cuts
Universe Effects – Against the Influent
Izz – Like a Straight Line
Guest Co-Host: Jingle.Boy
-Amadeus Awad – Sleep Paralysis
-Dracula – Queen of the Dead
-Kamelot – Liar Liar
Lonely Robot – Lonely Robot
Unified Past – Peace Remains the Same
Borealis – The Chosen One
Pagan’s Mind – Enigmatic Mission~
Amorphis – Sacrifice
Karnataka – Road to Cairo
Halestorm – I Am the Fire
Barracuda Triangle – Black Days
Threshold – Watchtower on the Moon~*
Von Hertzen Brothers – Sunday Child

Ep. #331 featuring Royal Hunt

Royal HuntLast week during the broadcast I started to ween off of new music and 2015 material, and this week it’s been severed completely. In preparation for the 2015 wrap-up shows which will happen over the next two weeks, this week’s show featured only material from before 2000, with much of it from the 1970s or 1980s. One notable exception was the featured album, 1997’s Paradox from Royal Hunt. This particular album was performed in full when the band played ProgPower USA this past September, and will be part of a live release the band is currently crowdfunding. You can be a part of that campaign here. Oh, and a quick correction from my last bit of jibber jabber in the podcast, I meant to say “Silent Scream” was the last song we were playing for the night, and incorrectly said it was the final track on the album. Forgive me people of the internet!

And that’s it for the musical promotion this week folks! No new artists to check out, no other albums I’m asking you to buy, but just a nice look back at the older side of prog and traditional metal!

All that changes over the next few weeks however, as on Wednesday, December 30th, and January 6th the shows will be dedicated to only 2015 material. In addition, we’ve recorded a discussion podcast to go along with the year-end list of the main show contributors. Please check that out here if you haven’t already!

See you next week when we take on 2015!

Rush – Bastille Day
Royal Hunt – River of Pain
Iron Maiden – Phantom of the Opera
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Tarkus
Van Halen – Judgement Day
Ozzy Osbourne – Sin
Metallica – Harvester of Sorrow
Royal Hunt – Tearing Down the World
Kansas – What’s On My Mind
Jethro Tull – Minstrel in the Gallery
Rainbow – Run With the Wold
Black Sabbath – Sign of the Southern Cross
Dio – One Night in the City
Saga – Time’s Up
Camel – Lady Fantasy
Royal Hunt – Time Will Tell
Fates Warning – Fata Morgana
Judas Priest – Hell Patrol
Hawkwind – The Psychedelic Warlords
Shadow Gallery – Don’t Ever Cry, Just Remember
Styx – Pieces of Eight
IQ – You Never Will*
Marillion – Script From a Jester’s Tear*
Rush – Natural Science*
Royal Hunt – Silent Scream

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